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When it comes to Samsung TV's and universal remotes, the best code is the one that gives you repeating volume commands. Instead of having to constantly press the volume keys to move it along. And if there is a code with repeating commands, there is usually only one to chose from.
Through your mx-editor, program the cable device, from the cable library, under Comcast. Then look for Xfinity IR only, that should be code 195.
Well the international symbol for stop is a square. Glad to help.
Reset the remote: 1. press and hold STOP & MAIN, until the warning sign stops flashing, and it asks you if you're SURE? 2. confirm and wait to it INITIATES and resets. Both MAIN pages of devices will be back.
Do a google search for Debounce and WMC.
Many of the vl620 remotes had a learning problem out of the box, it either worked or it didn't. No fix. As for the preset code 21516, when testing it, see if a small numeral shows up in the front panel of the bluray. It means its set to the right address that matches the code in the sony remote, See your manual on how to switch addresses on the bluray player and oem remote.
You have to believe that many of the returns are due to the learning problem, new or old the fix is the same.
The Amazon wherehouse deals was $54 Yesterday, now its up to $70, give it time it will drop again.
No, TV's are IR only controlled devices. There are aftermarket RF universals with separately sold addressable basestations.
Tivo Roamio can receive both IR and RF, not just RF. And the roamio remote can be switched to IR as well. http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=507967
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