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It is a trick question with hidden dependencies. Obviously my answer will be stated to be wrong no matter what, so I simply decline to answer.
Most such claims are based on sighted evaluations with few if any controls, so they are mystery meat. So much of what people say seems to follow advice that amounts to being a sales pitch for a certain component. Go figure!
There have been numerous occasions where we have been displeased with the results of certain DBTs, addressed one or more of the issues that I mentioned, and then obtained significantly better results.We did a lot of testing with the systems belonging to a proponent of a certain audible difference (e.g. cartridges) and found the host's system to be deficient. We then brought in components of our own to obtain successful results after failing. We generally did a site survey...
Release date is said by Amazon to be 1985. I have it and yes it still sounds great.
Yup, not even $40,000 test sets can create or process clean digital signals at +10dB FS!Whoops! ;-)
I'm not trying to convince you of anything, partially because of the natural limitations of long-distance technical consulting of topics like this.However you may be onto something. In my room my LCR speakers are located so they have considerable acoustic gain at low frequencies (below 200 Hz) Flattening their response out with Audyssey or regular graphic eq not only improves SQ at modest SPLs, it measurably increases peak SPL that is possible without distortion.
Room Eq Wizard, Holme Impulse, Even the acoustic measurement feature of The Audio Rightmark.IME the pay-for software can be better, but when you are learning and even after that, these freeware products can help people be highly productive. The first part of the learning curve is often dominated by learning the mechanics of measuring and taking actions with anything that works, while later on you may develop a clear understanding of why you need something better.When you...
if a transformer or heat sink is too small, it will take seconds to minutes to parts of an hour to heat up and fail (or trip out the thermal protection)..If a transistor is too small, it can fail if overloaded for 10 milliseconds or less. That is why OPT protection circuits are directly connected to the OPTs and fast-acting electronics. Some of them will shut down the amp, but some only act as limiters until the overload passes.I have seen all of these things happen on the...
Nonlinear distortion of a given order creates IM and harmonics at the same frequencies, no matter what kind of process adds that order of nonlinearity, whether amplifier, room, or speaker. If there is a strong source of spurious responses at a certain frequency it will obviously be highly efffective at masking a far weaker spurious response at that frequency. Amplifiers commonly have artifacts that are 80 dB or more down, and speakers have artifacts that are 40-60 dB down...
Examples of that which come to mind include Billy Joel's Nylon Curtain, and the first CD transcriptions of some Sheffield discs.
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