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Three words: Room Eq Wizard.
It is better to accomplish what you desire by going in and adjusting SW level on the AVR's trims. Audyssey permits this.You will probably have to do this every time you run Audyssey, but depending on how the optimizaiton runs, this adjustement may vary.
That is a total generality, and most of us know the danger of such things.Two very different animals - DACs and class D amps. Nothing new about class D amps having audible differences at this point in their development.That could be true or false. Generally good DAC chips aren't that bad. You must have been dealing with either some developmental stuff that was not fully debugged or total junk.Statements like "crap about level matching" tend to shut themselves into the...
Which would you rather have, this integrated amp:http://stereos.about.com/od/integratedampreviews/ss/Cheap-Amp-Review-Lepai-Lp-2020a-Vs-Topping-Tp-30_3.htmOr this AVR:http://www.soundandvision.com/content/yamaha-rx-v371-av-receiver-ht-labs-measuresMy point is not that AVRs are always better but that both product categories are so broad that excessive generalities can easily fail.
Some kind of hardware or software failure.Sorry I can't be more specific.That is pretty basic. I usually start with the power supply, and then branch into either RAM, motherboard, RAM or hard drive.Divide and conquer. AFAIK you can run the TV, the DirectTv and the PC separately. The smart thing would have been to do so. Start out by validating the TV, and then the DirectTV receiver and last on the list should be the PC.
Well said.I see nothing but machines that were infected by conscious acts of their owners. They may have not realized what they were doing, but whatever they did was a conscious act - primarily allowing something to be installed.The same can easily be done with XP. XP is pretty small and simple by modern standards. My virtual C drive has only about 5 GB in use.
Thanks. I can now confidently say that I guessed pretty well. ;-)
Every format has some limitation in that regrard.I don't have a display that good!My display is only 1920 x 1080...IME HDMI will work well with a display like yours. 1920 x 1200 isn't that wonderful.
Well you do seem to have the mastery of the obvious down pat, even if a slight bit of subtlty throws many posts completely off track.Every sound digital or analog has some jitter in it, most of us but maybe you and Amir are more worried about whether it is actually audible.
Two words sighted evaluation.The A500 does seem to have a potentially serious flaw, but it is simple enough to completely avoid. I'll bet the test setup referenced above avoided the flaw at least 2 different ways, and like this post says right up front, it was all about bias, whether intentional or random.
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