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As long as the speakers are pointed at the listener's ears, and you have some way to compensate (Audyssey, MCACC, YPAO) for possible bass boost due the speakers being near the junction of two or more large surfaces, it should be OK.
How do you know that your Bryston is not driving the legacies well for sure?
Worrying about higher sample rates than 44/16 is not all that sonically profitable.44/16 2 channel is the format that your laptop will deliver to a USB device with just the OS's built-in USB audio driver.The downsampling may be in the laptop. You haven't said what OS it is running but since Vista, the OS defaults to downsampling everything to 44/16. This is something that you can change from one of the settings for sound in the OS.
Thank you for the insult. I believe that it speaks more about you than I.Pick one. Why would it matter which one?I'm not planning to measure squat. Been there, done that way too many times. I'll be happy to take your test results, presuming that they show due care and accuracy, as being binding.
(1) Obtain a good DVM. In principle just about anything will work, but well-designed tools reduce confusion. I recommend this one:http://www.amazon.com/BestDealUSA-Handheld-Desktop-Digital-Multimeters/dp/B00ATKNJ5ECheck the user reviews!(2) Set it up to measure AC volts across loudspeaker terminals. This cable can help:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cable-screw-dual-banana-with-socket-to-dual-banana-plug-15A-test-probe-leads-1M-/251471667469Note that these plugs allow you to...
Conventional wisdom is that speaker lead shorts are common, and any amplifier that suffers permanent damage via that route is defective. A well designed SOA or the simpler current limiter will protect the OPT devices if they are within spec. Output devices whether counterfeits or substandard parts from supposedly legitimate sounds are not uncommon.
Surely you jest!It would sound good with a good source. Fix the source!My strategy is to obtain the original CDs by various means and rip and encode them myself. To that end I built an 8-core 64 bit PC with 3 DVD drives that can rip and convert 3 CD's at a time at top speed. As soon as I find a 4th DVD drive...
Nothing can be more boring than a discussion that is way over one's head. Especially if the topic bores the people doing the talking.Perceive what you will. It is a free country.If you want to prove that there are differences, do measurements. They always come out different, even the two channels of a high quality stereo power amp.The above statement is easily as questionable as the statement it quotes.But you can measure it. False premises lead to riddles.I guess you...
That depends on the relative gain of the power amplifiers in the AVR as opposed to the gain of the external power amp.As you may recall I was the proud owner of a Pass 4e power amp not that long ago. It was big, it was heavy, and if I had really badly designed speakers that I was married to for life, it might have made sense to keep.Let's face it. Matching levels accurately enough is a giant mystery to most audiophiles. Symptomatic of that is the fact that if you tell them...
The worst case AVRs develop about the same amount of power as a comparable 2 channel integrated amp. As AVRs get heavier and more expensive, they approach having how ever many channels of amplification as they have, each with the power capability of one of the two channels of the 2 channel integrated amp.
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