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DVI is a bit iffy because it may not support sound.HDMI supports both digital sound and video per standard. I'm currently using a HDMI link from my AVR to a video card with a HDMI output jack and pleased with the results. The TV set is the secondary display. I have the two displays set up to mirror each other for ease of use.
That weird look is something like the look in the eyes of the cat as he leaps at the bird.If the sales guy can make you feel bad enough about your AVR then its payday for him!In fact stereo receivers started out as integrated amplifiers with tuners built in. In those days stereo tuners were very complex and could have more tubes in them than the amplifier. Today FM tuners with near SOTA performance have been reduced to a ca. $1 chip and a dozen or so cheap passive parts.In...
The common limit to the depth of the noise floor on digital recordings is noise from the original signal that was recorded, not even the equipment used to record it if at 16 bits.The widest dynamic range I have ever found on a commercial recording was just under 90 dB. IME this is very rare. 70 or 80 dB is far more common.The media was SACD but the actual noise floor could be handled quite nicely by a properly dithered CD.
The answer to this question like many others is that it all about efficiency, preferences for SPL, and area over which the bass sound field is being established.The big caveat is that the ear is not all that sensitive to bass, and so the SPLs can be higher than regular music frequencies. OTOH subwoofers need to be pretty robust to generate high SPLs at very low frequencies, and are thus often over powered at the lowest frequencies.
In the USA most if not all consumer electronics are shipped in unheated trucks year round. Ambient temperatures commonly get down to -40 F and trucks and trailers get parked outside all the time and soaked in the cold for days.The big thing to avoid is temperature swings and humidity. If water condenses on electronic gear its a very iffy situation.
A high proportion of not only AVRs but also just about anything else that is manufactured, that is for sale in the USA is manufactured in China. If not the specific item, then its nearest competition. Not everything, but a great deal of it. This includes some items that are normally considered to be Japanese and German brands. And, if the item itself is not manufactured in China, its parts are. Even many food items are brought in from China again including food items that...
Lots of things go low, but how cleanly they do that is of the essence. I see no measurements of nonlinear distortion so for all I know these puppies are doubling like there is no tomorrow at levels that a good dedicated subwoofer would take in stride, Potential clean bass goes up with the cube of driver diameter, and that puts the 3 x 8" drivers behind the 8-ball as compared to a single 15" which is what you find in good dedicated subwoofers.
Not a lot in the archives:
This place is a marketplace for ideas. I'm very willing to have my posts stand on their technical merits.Are you?
This is one of those questions that is far easier to answer if someone just post the make and model of the piece of equipment.Just guessing, the switch is a gain switch and does not change actual maximum power output of the amplifier.The difference between 1 volt and 3.4 volis is 10 dB which corresponds to approximately a doubling of loudness.The 1 volt setting is probably appropriate for use with the green sound output jack on the back of your PC.The other settings might...
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