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I'm trying to find a universal dvd player to match up with a nonhdcp dvi lcd projector. I've been using the Bravo D1 for the last couple years and I'd like to upgrade - mostly so I can use it for an dvd-a player. I bought the Denon 2910 today and althought the sound was pretty good the picture (thru Component) did not even compare to the dvi on the bravo. Just horribly grainy. So, again I'm looking for a solid dvd player that doesn't have hdcp on the dvi. Or one that...
I'm all over the place on which would be the best way to upgrade from my Bravo D1. I can spend up to $1500, but would rather not. The Plv70 is not hdcp compliant so I'm limited if I want to use the DVI input. I've thought about the Oppo, the Samsung 950 (which I think would work via dvi), and I've also considered more expensive models, using their component out- like the 59avi or the Arcam players. [I also have an arcam 300 on the way] Does a more expensive player...
Is the Arcam p1000 supposed to be a better amp then the Sherbourn 2100? I'm looking mostly at used and demo equipment to start with. - That or maybe a new Pioneer. I passed on the Servo 15 because I figured I could save some money and look at the Velodyne 12 inch subs, and save some money. - Was I wrong?
I just put in an order for a pair of Sig 8s a C5 center and 2 adps in a 5.1 setup. (I passed on the Servo Sub to hopefully save some money on a smaller one) I'm thinking of going with either a Sherbourn 7/2100 or a 5 channel Anthem Amp. I will never upgrade to 7.1 in the living room, but I figured I could power another room with the spare 2 channels. And I was thinking of an AVM 30 for the pre or and Arcam 300. The dealer had an Anthem D1 paired with an Anthem amp...
The room is 21X14, but It's an apt, so the floor below probably won't be thrilled with any sub purchase. I was thinking about a 12 inch or maybe smaller. It will mostly be for theatre, but I'd like it to complement the speakers for music as well. (because it was a compromise to go to bookshelfs from floor speakers) Thanks again for the response.
I'm going with a 5.1 setup with cremona auditors and, knowing nothing about subs, would like to know how If I should look to any specific sub to match up. Sonus Faber makes a sub that retails around 4K, so I'd rather go with something else closer to a grand. (maybe a velodyne) Thanks for any help.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but will a non-hdcp (plv70) projector be able to take advantage of the dvi/hdmi switching?
Thanks, I'll check it out. Has anyone tried using the Digital Connection DD-D12P to convert. I saw this on another thread. I'm looking into buying a receiver w/ an upconvert or at least an hdmi out, but with hdcp compliance issues, I'm not sure if I should just avoid any dvi switching at all.
Sorry, but this thread is a little over my head. Just wanted to know where we're at exactly with hdcp. I've got the plv70, and like alot of others have no hdcp. Do I have to stick with my bravo, or is there finally a way to upgrade?
Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like I've convinced them to consider the auditors. - Probably go with 4 auditors and the center... next up, choosing a sub. Anyone know if the Auditors can be mounted to the wall? Does SF sell brackets?
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