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Rather than post another review on the sanyo, let me just say that this projector is absolutely incredible. I can't believe how beautiful the picture is. It brings a tear to my eye (oh wait, maybe thats the blinding brightness of the projector + hi-power white screen!:cool: ) I've actually had to keep the kitchen light on. I really can't ceiling mount the projector, I have it on a table in front of the couch and my problem is the bright light that shines out the back...
I can't believe I wrote "clouded my brane" and not on purpose. I did notice the input 2 bnc connector inputs. So do cables exist that have rca on one end and bnc on the other? If so, do you know where to find them?
I am trying to hook up an old vcr as my cable input along with a rp82. The plv input 3 is being taken up by the dvd player component ins, so how can I set it up so I don't have to uplug the Y rca cable and switch it from the dvd to the vcr and go to the setup and switch input 3 from comp to video each time? sorry for such a juvenile question. I think my excitement at the arrival of this projector is clouding my brain.:)
Thanks for the response J.Mike. I actually just got off the phone with Chad. It looks like SE is out of stock for at least 4 weeks (as is avmall). This is killing me!
J.Mike - Do you know if SE has more in stock? and how low a price they will go? I am thinking of cancelling my order with projector superstore because it looks like I may be waiting at the end of sanyo's backorder list. I'm getting really frustrated and impatient!:(
I ordered my Plv-70 last week, but had the rep check it out before sending it to me (I won't be able to handle having to send it back). Well, he reported that their were no dead pixels, but their was a thin red line which needed to be fixed. I'm not sure when this projector was sent from sanyo though. I hope these problems are all fixed.
I'm trying to put together a HT with a modest budget. I've found these but have no idea what a good deal would be. Klipsh stopped making them about 8 years ago and they were $1,000 per. How these (or speakers in general) depreciate over time? thanks in advance.
That's kind of what I'm contemplating. Is it better to go for the bells and whistles of a newer $500 model or an older model that was once $1600. After dts/dd I'm really only concerned with sound quality for ht and music. (comp switching means very little to me)
I just bought my projector and am very low on cash. I'm looking at used quality receivers. is the v2095 still a good receiver between 400 and $500? I'm using a jvc 9010 and I will need to replace all the speakers as well. (I've found some rf-7s for under $750). thanks
Already tried jason. He wasn't selling any. I'm all for supporting the forum but I've decided on the plv-70:)
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