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Ok, it HAS been a while since I have posted here. What happened to the Members Picture Gallery? Curious, JP
Merry Christmas Mike, from all of us at RC!
Can Mikey come out and play?? RC I misses you!
One of the biggest reasons the Buttkicker outperforms other shakers, is the amount of mass being moved when it is active. Which requires much more power to move. The very reason why Guitammer recommends the 1000 watt Carvin amp, and packages the 2 as a "system". This is also the very reason why the Buttkicker plays much lower in frequency, has more "punch", and is why it plays with so much authority when it "kicks" in. (pun intended) A properly set up and adjusted...
Middle Atlantic http://www.avsforum.com/PhotoPost/da...8frontview.jpg http://www.avsforum.com/PhotoPost/da...48openrack.jpg
It also helps to look to interior designers, builders and architects for jobs. It is a little difficult at first to warm up to these individuals, especially builders, but if you can show them you are a competent business and build a good relationship, you will be the only one they use. Trust is the key on both sides of the coin. JJP
Do you have cable tv service connected to any of the components? If so, try disconnecting the cable from the equipment to see if the problem goes away. If it does (which wouldn't surprise me), you have an infamous cable ground loop. To remedy the problem, purchase an inline ground-loop isolator. That should take care of the problem. JJP
It's funny I should find my way back to this thread, I never thought I would be in the same position as JD when I first responded to this thread, but here I am. Anyone know of an automatic digital mixer with 6 optical inputs for 6 Sony CD changers? I'm in the process of installing an Elan VIA! Music (Similar to the Escient CD management system), and I want to be able to mix the optical digital outputs of the 6 changers to a Pioneer CD burner. THis is the only way I...
Have you checked out the Marantz RC5200 yet? It may have some features that may interest you that the TSU-2000 doesn't offer. Mainly the addition of the cursor pad at the bottom, which makes navigating through menu's and guides a breeze. Also, not on the Pronto, is the fact that you can have multiple jumps to panels while a series of commands are executed. Allowing for crude animation or instruction screens. Another plus for the Marantz is the fact that you can...
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