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The 6003 series was a de-contented direct-lit model intended as a Black Friday doorbuster. If you look closer you'll probablyl find that in addition to only having 2 HDMI ports there are no audio outputs whatsoever. It's thicker than your old set because it's leds are spread out behind the screen rather than around the edges as in your older set. It looks great to people shopping dirt-cheap sets and comparing to no-name off brands. It's worth the $659, don't know what...
If you equate picture quality with accurate reproduction of the source material keep the plasma. You'll also be dodging the flash lighting and clouding issues inherent in edge-lit led/LCD sets. On the other hand, if having the brightest, most artificially vivid, sharpened, and soap-opera effected picture possible, take a big swig of the Samsung kool-ade and buy the unxxf8000
If not in "advanced" settings--usually available only in "cinema mode", you probably need to access the service menu. Btw, whites are supposed to look a little reddish in "warm".
That's ATSC for US ota, not 8VSB.
"Smart Tv" refers to a set that can display material from internet sources without an external device such as a blu ray player, Roku box, etc. "Smart Hub" on a samsung tv is their name for their proprietary internet user interface.None of this has anything to do with using the tv vs an AVR as the source switching "hub" of a home theater system. Those with modern receivers capable of switching all their source devices should, of course, use their receivers as the...
Tweaking white balance won't brick your set. Inadvertently pressing the wrong remote button when in the service menu might.
It's an issue with all HD sets. More noticeable the larger the screen. Streaming can look ok if your Internet service has enough bandwidth, SD cable not so good.
Re the AM radio test--- You do know that every one of the perhaps billions of CRT sets that you, I, and similar billions of people grew up with do the exact same thing?? Somehow I've not heard anything about the resultant apocalyptic death toll over the last 65 years
Purchase a digital optical cable. Connect one end to the digital optical output on the tv and the other end to an unused digital optical input on the receiver. Not the answer you want but will get audio from the tv to the receiver reliably.
SOE refers to picture processing (frame interpolation) that makes film based material look like it was shot with HD video cameras. Has it occurred to anyone that True Blood and the other programs mentioned are, in fact, shot on HD video rather than film?
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