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Ended up selling both players on Ebay. Got $50 for one and $79 for the one with the bigger hard drive. Thats better than letting them rot in a closet for a few more years. Good luck and good night Replay!
One sold. One to go.
Sorry but i dont know for sure.Hopefully someone can chime in with a firm answer.
BOTH PLAYERS SOLD. Sad to part with these. They have been sitting in a closet for 3+ years and I just don't have a use for them. 1. Replay TV 4504 with upgraded 160Gb drive. Includes remote and manual. In original box. 2. Replay TV 4504 with original drive (40Gb i think). Includes remote and manual. SOLD! Both have lifetime service on them but i think that all units are lifetime now? They were tested today and they are working fine. Both are in great condition from a...
Superb. Thanks so much.HDI should really do something about this.
I'm sure this has been covered already but i searched and found nothing and unfortunately i've been absent from AVS for a while. Anyone know how to remove the Accuweather/Facebook/Games/Twitter/Youtube icons from the main menu on the Dune? These appeared with a recent firmware upgrade and i cannot figure out how to remove them. I'll be really upset if they cannot be removed. They really interfere with my menu experience and i dont need them or use them. Thanks.
I've tried this using a couple of very high end USB2 to CAT5/6 extenders and could not get it to work at all. The length of Cat6 involved was only about 30 feet. The xbox seemed to detect that there was a Kinect connected, but it would not work at all. Gave up and used a 35ft powered USB extension cable across the room which is annoying since i have Cat6 buried in the walls in appropriate locations.
I second that sentiment. Unfortunately the price of HDD's has gone up dramatically but i dont think that will be long lived and in fact the prices have flattened out recently. In the meantime use this as an opportunity to offload used drives on Ebay. I just sold five 1TB drives that were almost three years old for slightly more than i originally paid for them.
I've noticed the same thing on the latest Beta firmware. It auto playlists the entire folder reagrdless of whether you hit Play or Enter.
Unable to upgrade to the latest firmware right now. Seems like the Dune FW server is down. The in player upgrade fails and downloading the firmware via the website does not work either.
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