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I use exactly the same structrue and it works very well. If you have a large disorganized colection it will take a while to create a structrured layout with a consistent naming convention. Took me a few weeks to sort mine out and it was well worth the effort. Once you have it well laid out its easy to maintain it going forward when adding new content. Search the thread for suggestions but there are several tools that are very helpful such as TVRENAME.COM My 2c.
Seems like a huge update. Downloading now.
Its great to see so many people buying into the DS1511+. Anyone tried to expand the DS array with a third party port-multiplier enclosure? At almost $500 the DX510 is way overpriced for what it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkHotchkiss I use to say that about trying to put more than 200 cylinders on a 14 inch platter. At least we have come a long way from these days!
Thats great thanks. Also, how does Zappiti handle DVD vob file structures. Almost all my collection is standard video files or iso's. But some others are DVD vob file structures. Will Zappiti just recognize it from the folder name and i just leave the \\video_ts structure intact below that? Or am i better off trying to convert those to iso's? Thanks.
Busy sorting out and renaming my movie collection so its well structured for Zappiti. Pretty much following Damian's suggested layout. Couple of questions if someone knows the answers and doesn't mind helping me out before I install Zappiti. 1. How does Zappiti handle a particular movie directory where the movie is split into two parts? In effect the first half is one video file and the second half is another video file. 2. What happens when i have more than one...
Thanks Killroy and others for all the recent help. With kids at home now i just dont have the time figure this out myself like i used to. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by dbone1026 Gibbo - I forgot to mention, if you need to rename your tv shows an easy way to do that is with TVRename Anyone know of a tool that does mass movie file and folder renaming in the same way that TVRENAME does it for TV Shows? I have a lot of movies i need to rename. Thanks.
My folder and file name are typically exactly the same so i'm covered. Damian - with the upcoming TV coverage, would you now say MyMovies is a better option than Zappiti?
Thats a pretty limiting feature if it does not do it by filename?! I have hundreds of movies ripped. It would take days if not weeks if i had to do barcodes or manual entry of titles.
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