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I could care less as well. Chapter skip gives me a predetermined jump ahead and back. Not sure why i would ever use that when i can use the up/down/left/right to easily jump backwards and forwards in seconds or minutes to a distance i personally determine. My 2c.
I played Avatar 1080p MKV yesterday with subs inside with no issues.
I had the same concerns you did and after buying the Dune i have no regrets. Like you i have 3TB of media files and i've yet to find a file the Dune doesnt play perfectly. I have all sorts of MKVs of varying video and audio formats and they all play perfectly. I dont have any experience with PCH but compared to my previous Dvico box the Dune is rock solid and highly stable. I havent seen it hang or crash yet, even though i'm running the latest beta firmware. Regarding the...
My wife is complaining that our new Dune player does not tell her which movies are good/bad before she watches them and it does not tell her when the laundry cycle has completed. A waste of $350 in her opinion! People need to accept that unless standards are adopted and enforced by the industry and the user commmunity there will never be a perfect "streamer"! And that will not happen in this area for the forseeable future. Pick the product that best suits 80% of your...
Some people would argue that if you wish to adopt a legal approach to watching movies, Netflix does provide quite a good and cost effective service. I'll purposely reserve my personal opinions on these types of matters.
New Dune Base owner basic question. Is there any reason to have a drive in the unit if i have all my content available over the network? Thanks.
Thanks everyone for your replies to my posting. They were all really helpful and made my decision much easier. I just placed an order for a Dune Base with Arthur at duneplayer.com due to his regular contributions and support on the forum. Hopefully it arrives in time for some weekend playtime. Cheers!
Decisions decisions. Sitting here with credit card in hand and cannot decide between the PCH A-200, the PCH C-200 and the Dune 3.0 Base (I don't need a BR player). If i post a message in the Dune thread I'll get a bunch of Dune fan replies. If i post in the PCH thread I'll get a bunch of PCH fans. After 3 years with a Dvico TVIX 4100 its time to upgrade. I don't think Tvix is the way to go any longer so its PCH or Dune. Judging from the reviews on AVS and...
Was about to pull the trigger on an A-200 to replace a Dvico TVIX. I see many people are buying the new case out of France. I'm curious. With the added cost of this aluminum case would it not make sense to just buy a C-200?
In case anyone is looking for this Elite finally have a pinout diagram on their website for the external control of the screen via the RJ45 port. There was earlier discussions on this but i dont think anyone has posted this link. http://www.elitescreens.com/images/pdf/circuit_board_pin_assignment.pdf
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