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What a pain. i just received my new 6500 a couple of days ago. I guess i wont bother taking it out of the box.
I see the latest firmware update enables gig speed: 5. 1000M(Giga) bit option in Network setting has been added. You need CAT6 cable to connect M-6500A to Gigabit HUB. We find high bit HD content plays fine with SMB connection when it stutters with 10/100 connection. But it will play fine with NFS(Netshare or Linux PC) even with 10/100. l The result may vary depends on the LAN environment. Even though we used Gigabit LAN chip, the...
$250 for 880??? I paid $99 each for both of mine during an Amazon special.
Also try a different drive before you start re-burning
Have you tried upgrading the firmware? I'm running the latest one and can play MKVs of any size with no problems.
Why do people keep saying that the new firmware has been taken down. Its still there: http://www.tvix.co.kr/eng/support/M41_5100firmware.aspx
Thanks. Just downloaded it. Now i just need the hardware. With any luck the mail man will deliver it today
Hopefully they take Amex. That way if they dont take returns i can return it to Amex for a refund. With new products like this one doesnt know how good or bad its going to be!!
A little pricey??!! TVIXBOX.COM has them for $379 plus you can pick up a 500GB from Frys for $90
I'd sad to say that after 7 years of Replay TV today i finally bought my first Tivo. The Series 3 is going for $349 at Amazon with a $200 rebate which is a great deal. The Cablevision DVR has been driving me insane, no HD on Replay and now with Tivo to Go/Multi Room Viewing enabled it seems like Tivo is the way To Go. The big question now is do i ebay my Lifetime Replays or keep them as souvenirs
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