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Quote: Originally Posted by BaysideBas Lathes are the wrong tool for this task. Try a milling machine instead. LOL
I'm getting tired of the flashbacks. How many times are they going to revisit someones past. I was getting tired of Lost but the first episode has perked my interest again. Lets see if they keep it up. Although they keep creating more questions and unknowns and not answering any of them so that gets boring after a while. My 2c
I was wondering the same thing. YouTube is in effect a video based version of Napster.
I agree. Its a wait and see for now. As much as i'd like to get one of these its pretty expensive. And i'd hate to see it flop and start going for $399 by xmas.
No need to hack hard drive. It has a SATA port on the back.
You shout at the crappy High Def DVR from the cable company
Try PocketDivx http://divx.ppccool.com/langue.php?lang=EN Although it has many presets for common devices you should be able to define some custom settings I use it to convert Replay files for my portable devices.
Register email address to receive notification whet its available http://www.replaytv.com/download.asp Everyone can then have a play followed by a bitch and moan on the forum!! :D
Quote: Originally Posted by blacknoi So 30FPS, plus recording through the "analog hole" for audio..... for a 90 minute movie thats hitting Print-screen 162,000 times... :D A alternative to the Repetitive Strain Technique would be to place a video camera in front of the monitor and record the movie. Then connect your camera to your RTV and encode the movie. As genius a plan as that proposed by the German magazine except this one gets...
Quote: Originally Posted by Creech I have no idea whether Zune will be a serious contender with the iPod, but Microsoft *appears* to have a new site to promote the product. http://www.comingzune.com I wrote today on my blog (http://imagespace.blogspot.com) two short posts. First asking if anybody knows if the site is REAL. If it is, it is a bizzare marketing choice for Microsoft. Second, I googled the lyrics...
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