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"Knocked the bottom out of it"??? Seriously, is that something you just made up out of thin air? Because I've been around for quite awhile, and am familiar with just about every expression that would apply to the 'act' you seem to be refering to, and within the lecxicon I'm familiar with, 'knocked the bottom out of it' just ain't there. _____________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Overall an interesting ep trying to sew some loose ends together. I was a little disappointed by the rather transparent (pun intended) plot device of the 'invisible' character, that becomes immediately apparent because there is absolutely no interaction whatsoever between that character and anyone other than the protagonist. The Sixth Sense might be among the more recent examples, but the device iteslf stems back not only to a large number of Twilight zone stories, but...
So, that's the thanks I get for trying to help prop-up your ridiculous theory, huh? Okay. Regale me with your “compelling ‘evidence to support that the island is popping up at various places in the Pacific and Indian (but not the Atlantic, if I recall correctly) Oceans. Just remember “ If the theory don't fit, you must acquit......(yourself)” _________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Yes, despite having played devil's advocate with you on this one, I've shared certain of your suspicions, i.e. a certain uncomfortableness with what appear to be the emphasis on temporal considerations, at the almost complete abandonment of spatial considerations, but based upon a side theory I've been playing with, I suspect that we are in the process of proceeding to a synergystic outcome that will not be fully realized until the sixth and final season where certain new...
You're right, and that discovery was one of mine from, I think, S3, due to some choice kibbles and bits from the creative team. First we learned from Miles that Henry Gale (somewhat surprisingly) seemed to have quite a few bucks at his disposal. I also got the impression that there might have been some kind of connection between Wydmore and Ben, perhaps of a familial related nature ('brothers, cousins, etc) and then with the death of Ben's 'daughter' Danielle by Ben's...
SURE, I predict that now that Jane isn't writing eps for BSG, there's a better than even chance that the storyline will improve notably. __________________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Umm, Iteki, i don't get it. maybe I'm missing the obvious here. Why would they go to all the trouble of pushing a polar bear (who's not even indigenous) through the exit to tunisia, when they more easily could have just given Ben's dad one hard shove??? ______________________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Okay, what the hey, I'll bite. Let's assume everything you say happens along those lines. Where the hell are they going to go from there with that? Ben: "Bye eyeryone. Hope to see you again at next year's annihilation. "And Don't forget to bring something for the pot-luck dinner." ______________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Perhaps because Mrs. Hawking wasn't necessarily one of Wydmore's 'people', but rather a valuable/knowledgeable asset that could be utilized for Wydmore's purposes, among others, which is not exactly the same thing. Clearly she did not appear to be aligned with Ben based upon the off-hand comment she made in response to Jack's query. Its one thing to have heard of someone, and another to actually know where to locate/access them. John was supposed to be approaching...
So umm, you're looking to posit this in the 'old grandfather conundrum' instead? Great, So now we'll have 2 primetime series where someone might be frakkin' their own mom! You guys are sick. Where the hell are the Blues Brothers nuns when you really need them?What, you think THE Island is named ELLIS? Go back to Joyce. ____________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
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