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There you go, off on another one of those totally unrelated tangents of yours. Stay on topic or I'll have to report you to the MODS! Oh, and in response to your last sentence, HUGE, and even more than you suspect. Just another typically loopy Friday at the forum. Then Saturday roles around and its tons of babble (to offset today's 'fun' of course) about the latest BSG civics lesson. (Yawn) ______________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the...
Well, no one is ever going to accuse her of being top heavy. Personally, I still give a major edge to Grace Park's Maxim spread which I posted at the forum a couple of years back as part of the Ms. Battlestar Galactica Beauty Pageant. Zowee! ________________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Tuesday??? The show is not on umtil Wednesday. Oh great, things aren't confused enough, and now forum members are becoming unstuck in time! Waitress! Check please! _____________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
As opposed to what? Shows that focus on a guy humping his own mom? Time you stopped tuning into the Caligula channel. ___________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Okay, now that's just stupid. Its common knowledge that Dharma bunnies don't get capes, just the polar bears because of the change in climate in tunisia. If you guys aren't keeping up with dharma canon, that's not my problem. _______________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Oops, sorry didn't think that one through. There MUST be some way we can resolve this important issue offline. ____________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
Okay, you know a show is inherently in trouble when the only thing being discussed is about trying to look up some chick's dress using screen caps. I mean I can appreciate the cheap thrill, intentional or unintentional, by the new young hot thing in the office who's looking to tease a little ****, but a chick on a big 4 network show whose outfits are specially tailored to look erotic, but ultimately reveal practically nothing? C'mon now. Wouldn't the time be better...
Watch those derisive quote marks, bub. Its common knowledge that comedy can be a helluva a lot more difficult to write than "dark". What's so tough about dark? Throw a bunch of kittens in a sack and toss it in the river. Voila, instant dark. Oh, and seeing as you and Steve are making it an issue, I hate to disappoint you guys, but I'm pretty certain I was the first to refer to certain modern programming as the 'new golden age of television'. What should the bet be?...
Okay, well how about backing up that overbroad statement by providing your list of all the shows that are better. I'd be estatic to find lots of other programming that comes anywhere close in quality to either program _________________________________________________ Palladin Chance favors the prepared mind
At this point I'm not sure I share that confidence myself. Look, its no secret that I'm a BIG fan of both of these programs and have been for a very long time. But, AFAIC, coming into the home stretch, so to speak, the distinction between the two in approach towards its audience is becoming more marked. Let’s keep in mind that first and foremost, the object of the exercise is to entertain, not just to instruct. I’m not saying you can’t have both, but there’s going to be...
New Posts  All Forums: