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thanks, will give it a shot
wasn't sure where to put this, please feel free to move.. i upgraded to a new pc.. the new sound card his a Claro 2, the old one was a claro Plus. For some reason, on this new system, only native window programs seem to stream audio. media player Windows Media center. everything else like jet audio, and video redoo are a no go now. worked perfectly before, same settings. the noly difference this time is that windows isn't registered due to needing a new code, but...
http://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzdirect Just FYI..... The forum above has a verizon direct forum. Most of the time they can deal with cable card issues there that don't even require you to call in....
Just a bit of a warning. Wireless Bluetooth mic might have interference issues with other bluetooth devices in the area. A Subject we where interviewing had turned on his bluetooth earbud, and as soon as he did, our mic went in and out of audio. It delivers great audio, but you always want to have a wired mic handy...
http://www.cannonpc.com/productcart/...?idproduct=271 According to this, it seems available for purchase now, unless that is their sneaky way of pre-ordering
Anyone know if the Sony AX2000 Battery charger/plug is available at retail stores like Best Buy? Somehow I left my camera on and it drained the battery. Now I can't film the fireworks tonight.. Or if any other sony devices use the same type of plug the AX2000 does.. thanks!
I'm just curious if this is happening only too me. I have it set at the highest quality setting, and for about one second, when the clip stops and starts another during continuous recording, the audio drops at the end. I don't know if this happens at the lower settings, but it is rather annoying during presentation. Anyone else have this problem?
Just curious if anyone has this monitor http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...t_adv_XSG10001 The Reviews are generally good on New Egg, but have never tried this brand before. It only seems available in store at Target. But for $300's, it's not that bad a price.
I'm catching up on all the threads. What's the end result on using this as a TV monitor? I'd also be using it for Blu-Ray movies. I hardly EVER get too watch the TV I split payed for down stairs. Family tends too get too it more often than I do. So it'd be nice too have something bigger than my current 24" monitor for movies and 3D work. I can also hook the Tivo up too it. Thanks!
I'm curious.. Editing Video with a Core i7, even 1920X1080 HD is almost real time. A 3 Minute file takes about 4 minutes too render. I was thinking of upgrading my laptop ....has anyone ever done any heavy duty video editing with a mobile core i7? Was curious if the benefits where worth the ugprade.. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Dell+-+S...&skuId=9718895 This was what I was looking at, if only because it also has a blu-ray drive. Thanks!
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