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Is there a throw distance calculator for this projector?
Surely there is a tech out there who has done some service on Sharp projector.
So if you are Optoma how do you fix this? Can a fix be accomplished with firmware changes? I would hate to see them offer this potential great solution and not be able to tweak it to at least meet >average blacks and contrast.
I decided to try the lens swap but am having trouble getting the top off of the projector. There are five or six phillips head screws around the perimeter at waist level. After removing the screws the top part of the case comes up but is held up by the left side front area. Looking closely there is a small rectangular window with a very small gap before what looks like a mylar surface. Imprinted next to the window is a lock figure. Putting 2 & 2 together I assume something...
I'm with you on all sides.
Thought I would post latest weird experience with my wonderful RS40. In the past if I shut off my satellite receiver first the RS40 would lock up and would not respond to either the remote or the buttons on the back for turning off. Nor would it respond to any remote or button command. Therefore I would have to pull the plug and wait overnight. Lately I have had the same problem if after a few hours of watching the picture brightness would start to fluctuate ever so...
I unfortunately purchased a XV-Z20000 from one of our AVS stalwarts that arrived with severe lens chromatic aberration. The center of the image is in focus but the top and bottom are out of focus. He blamed it on shipping and I am left holding a great projector that is adequate but not close to where it could be. I have tried to find a local shop that might be able to fix it but have been unsuccessful so far. I also have a 12000 MKII sitting in the closet that has none of...
This essay seems an awful lot like something I might write after a few too many imbibes.
I thought mine wasgoing to be trouble free after putting a Panamax 4300 power conditioner in the chain. Unfortunately that has not been the case. I've had about four instances of failure since then, the latest being last night. I noticed a very slight flickering in the picture midway through the night of watching and when I went to shut off the projector two hours later it would not respond to my remote control. So I tried the buttons on the back. No luck. My only choice...
New Posts  All Forums: