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This essay seems an awful lot like something I might write after a few too many imbibes.
I thought mine wasgoing to be trouble free after putting a Panamax 4300 power conditioner in the chain. Unfortunately that has not been the case. I've had about four instances of failure since then, the latest being last night. I noticed a very slight flickering in the picture midway through the night of watching and when I went to shut off the projector two hours later it would not respond to my remote control. So I tried the buttons on the back. No luck. My only choice...
A lot, if not all, states have lemon laws. I wonder if the RS40 qualifies. It certainly does based on the number of problems on this thread and the RS45 thread. it's a lemon, that's for sure.
That's probably it. Thanks. Tweak TV shows the 6400 but not 6300. Are these close enough so that the 6400 settings would work?
My friend bought this at Costco and I know they have their own model numbers. I'm trying to help him fine tune it by finding some calibrated settings for it. Can anyone tell me which Samsung model(non-Costco) this is?
I am looking at adding side speakers to my 67A750 in oder to improve the sound quality. I have two piano black KEF speakers that are 24" tall and very slim and match up perfectly with the Samsung. I can either mount them on pedestals or try to attach them to the sides of the Samsung where they would fit perfectly. Is there a mounting device that would make that possible? Has anyone tried this? I noticed that there are two cabinet screws on the side that could serve as a...
Has anyone installed firmware 1.8? If so, has it made any difference in the number/frequency of lockups?
I'm a little confused here. I am connecting the RS40 to the PC using USB. As far as I know there is no connection, literally not physically, between USB and a COM port. Also, I don't remember the cryptic number situation either from my memory of doing this before or from the instructions.
I am about to try updating my RS40 to 1.8. I'm somewhat computer literate but the last time I updated it seems I remember having some problems with the instructions published by JVC on their website. Does anyone have some hints on interpreting the instructions and coming through with a good clean install? Due to the delicate nature of these projectors I am a little nervous about proceeding.
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