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Most anyone interested in this projector in the scope of this argument and assuming the performance is competitive, is that once you calibrate it you won't have to touch it for the life of the projector. I'm sure that is well beyond the time frame most will own it before upgrading to 4K.
If I was Kris I would be a little ticked.
I forgot to mention this when I started this thread. Like many men I have a slight red/green colorblindness. I have trouble seeing a red golf tee on green grass. What impact will this have on calibrating a plasma or a projector? Do my eyes have to actually see and analyze the colors or is it done strictly by the numbers with the instruments doing the work?
Does this Panasonic plasma have cable card ability?
I was only there for about ten minutes as I was impinging on their lunchtime. The room was about 60% dark in my opinion. I did ask them to turn off a lamp that made things a little better. The latest Star Trek was showing on a portable screen that I guessed was around 70"s. I don't know the gain of the screen. I saw no RBE but I don't see any anyway. I'm too old for that. The sequences showing in the movie were all inside the spaceship so everything had a cool(bluish?)...
OK, I'll ask. Who's the vendor?
But isn't CalMan better than the free color HCFR?
Join the crowd. Try something like a Panamax power conditioner. If that doesn't work your probably looking at a new main board or power supply.
This is not a freebie deal. You must purchase a report for at least $250 to get the free kit.
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