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FYI, When Sony swapped my 550, they were at first sending a re-certified TV with 2 year warranty. When I made a stink and got a brand new unit, it just has the standard 1yr warranty. Could they already have recerts of the 850? Or, maybe that $250 does also get you a 2 yr warranty on a brand new unit?
In the season premier, wasn't that Neve Campbell on the plane with Don? Her IMDB doesn't have the appearance listed. If her, interesting that she had only a short scene. Edit: I see now it was her and is listed in the IMDB.
Or, as mentioned above...Jaime, essentially raping his sister, beside their dead son! Such lovely, lovely people all
Yes, I too liked the ending music! That fit right in with the final scene. A side note: I re watched last weeks episode tonight. That ending music, The Rains of Castemere and the way it was sung, seemed hauntingly similar to that scene in BSG, when Gaeta had lost his leg and was singing in his hospital bed.
I have noticed that sometimes the actor's Irish accent is more evident. That may be an on purpose choice, to reflect times his character is more in his own element?
Thanks for the info! Good to know.
I just looked at the picture of the 850B on Amazon. They actually decided to put the screen support legs all the way on the edges! Wow, this not only looks strange; Many who have stands that are not full width will need to buy another stand.
I forgot how many paths there were. But, A could mean anything, or nothing. Could be what the arrivals are suitable for: Assimilation - BBQ - Curing - Dutch Loaf
I was thinking, it is interesting how they are playing the audience on this cannibal question. I fell into believing that the so called "termites" are cannibals after this scene: The group was being herded down the A shoot, they passed a chain link enclosure, it was littered with what appeared to be human bones. There, right at that point of showing this...There are faceless human cries for help from cargo containers next to this rendering lot. I went back and looked...
Yeah, I saw the bones. Some folks just have a different view of agriculture, after a Zombie Apocalypse .
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