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The Squaretrade warranty through Costco is actually for three years AFTER mfr warranty expires for TV's not purchased at Costco. I think the Panny mfr warranty is 1 year, so this coverage would run for four years.http://content.costco.com/Images/Content/misc/pdf/575685.PDF
Interesting response you got re: Amazon prime shipping. If I put that TV in my shopping cart it tells me I can have it delivered for free in two days as a Prime member.
Mac13 - I just sent you a PM with a screenshot of the EPP price.
I think we are only a few days away from $2999 being the new "normal" discount price. I have had two small specialty stores in the Washington DC area offer to sell me the 65VT50 at $2999 no questions asked or haggling required.
Ditto for the Springfield, VA store. I just cancelled my online order there for an A30. The only downside for you will be the interminable wait to check out. I have never seen a store so poorly managed; generally speaking, the only register open is at the customer service counter, so you have to stand in line with folks returning stuff and other folks trying to do web-order pickups.
Make sure the slider switch on your remote is set to the middle "Source" position. I had the same issue before this was pointed out to me!
For those of you who have received your movies -- were they shipped via USPS or via a delivery company like FedEx or UPS? This actually makes a difference on the address I use for my rebate. Thanks!
I don't think prices are going to go much lower than what we are seeing now. The big box stores and online retailers just want to clear the players out of their inventory and be done with it. We are already seeing evidence of some models selling out at BB and CC. If you really want a player at this point, then pick your price point - $85/115/169 for the 3/30/35, respectively, and buy it now. Sure there will likely be cheaper prices down the road on the refurb units...
hey I'm from B'hem too! LHS class of '72. So just to keep this on-topic.....what's up with 6ave.com this week? Their prices on all the current Toshiba models are back up to list price; up until a few days ago they had some of the best prices of any authorized dealer.
I can now vouch that 6ave is "the real deal". My 3800, ordered last Wednesday, arrived at my house this afternoon. I was pleased to see it double-boxed. Just finished setting it up; this is one sweet piece of electronics! For the first time in my life all components (BR, HD-DVD, TV and Sat box) are hooked up via HDMI...the absence of the old wire jungle behind my rack is in itself an element of beauty. For those of you who missed the 6ave deal, don't be shy about...
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