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Orca, the Grafik Eye has only a single line voltage input, and from there modified output power goes to the individual zone loads, either directly or through certain interfaces. That said, I would be skeptical that the 5050 LED set-up you are contemplating could be made compatible with the GE.
I haven't used a hair dryer since Reagan was in office.
You can trim each light individually, but I believe you need to be at the GE wall station to do so. You can switch scenes either remotely, or at the wall station. You can adjust all lights up or down and off or on simultaneously either way, also.
....I am obviously sacrificing brightness for picture quality. Different settings, a non-AT higher gain screen etc. would deliver different results.
...my situation is throwing onto a 130" (screen width), 2.35 aspect ratio, SMX acoustically transparent 1.16 gain screen. Projector is pole mounted inverted about 22' back (approaching max dist). Environment is dedicated theater room, dark browns and dark gray decor, with an all black immediate screenwall area. My settings are film mode, -10 iris, -4 contrast, -7 brightness, and am using low lamp mode. These conditions yield around 7.5 Ft-L in normal 16:9 mode and...
...it appears to me you have a trapezoid shape image that is long on the right side and rotated slightly clockwise. The projector needs yaw adjustment to the left, lens shift adjustment to the right to bring back to screen center, and then roll the image counter clockwise very slightly to align with screen borders..
Depends on the type of mount. Chief RPA type ceiling mounts allow adjustment of yaw, pitch and roll, by loosening adjustment set screws.
....a possible cause is that your projector installation itself is not centered square and horizontally with the screen. To compensate you have initially physically rotated the projector to the right in order to center things up, but the throw is now not hitting the screen absolutely square, as it must. This results in the slight trapezoidal image shape you are seeing. Try rotating the projector back towards the left and then using your lens shift to correct back towards...
Just curious....What was the SD signal source? Was it DVD material sent to projector as 480i?, or upscaled by your player to 480p?, or something else?
New Posts  All Forums: