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That's racist. I kid, I kid. I see what you mean about the lack of detail there.
But we're talking about an industry that actually benefits from shoddy work. If they release any "average" print to the masses, they still get a ton of sales from those that love the franchise and will buy it no matter what. Then in 5 years, they can re-release an even cleaner print, on the same format even, and get additional sales, etc. I'm not saying that BTTF is an average print, just saying in general. People in this hobby end up buying the same movie over and over...
what wrong with the second still image? The second cap looks great to me, and the first is from a cheesy effect that always looked fake to me (much like the hand fading in front of Marty's face later on) but what's wrong with the second pic?
Thanks for all the info everyone. It's definitely between the HSU STF-1 and the Emotiva ULTRA SUB 10. Since the Emotiva is front firing I may go with this option, but the positive comments on the HSU STF-1 definitely make it a neck and neck contender. Coin flip anyone? LOL
Thanks for the reply, ratm. I'm not a hardcore film fan anymore. I use it for occasional music and movies from HBO, etc. Since it's in an apartment setting, I also don't want to piss off neighbors too much. Yes, that's about teh right price range...$200-400, etc. Something is telling me to lean toward the Emotiva ULTRA SUB 10...just never experienced them live.
I'm moving to a smaller apartment living area, so I'd like to have a more compact subwoofer. Room size is about 14' x 20' with 10' high ceilings. It's an apartment, so I don't really want too many window shattering moments. I saw some in the size/price range that would be ideal such as: Polk Audio PSW111 Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer Mirage Prestige S8 - Subwoofer - 200 Watt Kipsch Synergy Sub-10 - Subwoofer - 200 Watt Emotiva ULTRA SUB 10 HSU STF-1...
Thanks for the heads up guys. I just ordered tix for the Monday show.
Hey all, it looks like I'm America's newest PN50c450 owner. Bought it this morning for a steal at Frys, fired it up and no buzz at all. I lowered the contrast to 40 and plan on breaking this thing in by leaving on the NFL Red Zone channel all day tomorrow. By the the time the CBS of FOX logo is about to be burnt into the set, that's usually when they flip the switch and go to another game. It's the perfect break in option. I'm really impressed with the clarity and...
My thoughts exactly. Did you catch the quick "I want my two dollars!" line a la Better Off Dead. A group of about 8 of us saw this thing and we all loved it. Rob Corddry stole the show.
This debate is very much like one from collector car enthusiasts. Some fans of "natural" cars believe in only cleaning up an automobile "as-is" with the original parts of the car, but never doing a repaint, never doing a re-chrome, etc. Other car collectors don't mind replacing/fabricating new car parts on vintage automobiles to make them appear even shinier (and have more of a "wow factor") than it ever did when it rolled off the showroom floor. This means new paint,...
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