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With the delay of 4k bluray until 2016 (phase 1 with 10 bit specs) and with the new Sony server's 4k streaming capability...this makes the 1000 upgrade much more worthwhile. My guess would be $299 for the new server. I hope the usb port spec saying 2.0 is a misprint and it's really 3.0. Anyone know if release is estimated to be early, mid or late summer? Hopefully Sony fixed the bugs in the hdmi 2 audio out in the new server so dd+ will play through our MX151...
Thanks for the info. May pick up the WD.
Can those with external 3 or 4 terabyte hard drives that have successfully paired it to the puck, please list the manufacturer, the model number and the size of the hard drive. Also, how many movies can be downloaded before we have to start deleting content? Thanks
Installed the puck. All is working now.
Mark with the help of you and Chad it ended up being what you said, but not a damaged connector...but rather one of the connectors was seated incorrectly. Chad said either board should work independently of the other. Right then I knew it wasn't a bad board or software glitch so I had the tech reseat the connections for a third time. The projector then fired up while Chad was on the phone. Thank you!!! Correct turls, something the tech clearly did wrong.
Mark, the tech just looked at ribbon/cable cable connectors and pins. To the eye all looks good with no bent pins.
His last swap putting old board did not resolve the issue but i will see if he will do that. Thanks for the info. Update...old board did not work either. Sony thinks its the lamp cover. Clearly that's not the problem.
Board swap being done. Board swapped but when projector turned on stanbye light flashes green 8 times then goes to solid red. The lamp cover light then repeatedly blinks red twice (in a pattern). Lamp will not turn on. This happened to the same tech with the last projector he did but he is not sure what the resolution was. He did 10 projectors with the same software fine, but last two had a problem. So doesn't sound like corrupted software. Lamp cover and housing...
Nestorovic, my room measures very well and is 100% acoustically treated with absorbtion, diffiusers and neutral flat walls...all behind fabric. In fact my side towers are about 6' from the sidewalls and the theater ceiling is tall enough where reflections from it are a non-factor. On paper Room Perfect should not have made much of a difference. To my surprise, RP made a large improvement.
I spoke with Chuck way back when I bought the 151 and he told me no hardware change between the 150 and 151. It is just a firmware upgrade to enable 3d pass through on the hdmi path. I would still double check with the dealer to be sure though.
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