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Duh, I should have thought of that! It's a shame, the $199 price point was very attractive. I finally took the time to smooth over the last 10% of the kinks in my setup so that it is truly wife friendly and was going to put a few together for some friends. Hopefully something similar comes out at the same price.
Does anyone know why the Acer Aspire Revo 1600 is no longer available? Is this temporary? The dual-core model seems to be in stock with all of the major retailers.
I have issues with my Sony LCD as well. It has a "Full Pixel" mode, but the stupid TV doesn't "remember" the setting, so you have to set it each time the resolution changes! I've since settled on having XBMC use a smaller GUI size which comes within the amount of overscan.
Lost Dog: I ended up going with your suggestion and it worked perfectly! Getting nvidia-settings to run in XBMC Live was a bit of a pain, but after I got the EDID file everything was a cakewalk. Thank you everyone.
Hi all, in a move to minimize my waste (and to have another reason to tinker with my HTPC ), I am moving my HTPC to utilize standby. The main issue that has prevented me from making the move is that my display settings work perfectly as long as the HTPC is booted while the TV is on. If I boot with the TV off, the HTPC does not send a signal over HDMI. I am currently running an Acer Aspire Revo 1600 with XBMC 9.11 installed. I currently run at 1080p using the...
Thanks! Just to be sure, any instructions for the SA 8300 apply equally to the RNG200?
I'm also interested in what hard drive and enclosure you purchased.
Batch processing = being able to process file names, tags, etc. over many directories at once. I believe that it has the ability to automatically download coverart, but I prefer to select good, high-res pics myself, so I can't talk to it from personal experience.
I've used EasyTag with a lot of success. It has a lot of batch processing functionality.
Would you mind posting some information on how tuned your Samba setup? I've only been able to get Samba (on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS) up to about 25 MB/s even though the array can run at 160 MB/s. Thanks!
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