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Excellent disc! Noticed that you can actually hear certain instruments played during Williams' score; spotted a few details lost in the muddiness in earlier releases; onward to TSISW this morning.
This one is my favorite movie of all time and your review only makes the wait seem longer, but it will be worth it. Thanks for the review, Ralph.
I wasn't going to see this one until Blu Ray anyway, but this tragedy wouldn't have stopped me from seeing it in a theater. Terrible. Midnight movies are supposed to be fun, a gathering of fans, not a killing ground for some psycho. My thoughts and prayers to everyone scarred by this horrible incident.
This updated version of Terminal just doesn't feel the same. Can't figure out why yet, but have played many times since yesterday and it isn't... right.
Death threats over reviews to a movie? Pathetic.
Inside a month until release. Yes, I am counting down the days. My favorite movie will be my favorite Blu Ray.
I'll never forget seeing this at a sneak preview in Seattle, it came after a showing of Neil Diamond's The Jazz Singer and people were allowed to stay and watch if they wanted. You never seen so many people BOLT for the exits once Altered States started ramping up into the weirdness! It was hilarious! Guess Neil Diamond fans couldn't take Ken Russell. I'll be buying this one on Blu, for sure.
1 - 3-5 2 - Action, horror 3 - yes
My favorite movie of all time. This one will get heavy play in my HT from day one onward.
New Posts  All Forums: