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No kidding! I didn't realize new maps were coming out until the night before, when I was checking through my FB to answer some old messages.
Peter Travers will dig anything if he thinks he'll see his name in the ad!
Hated MI:3 and almost passed on going to see Ghost Protocol, but glad I didn't, because I enjoyed it quite a bit. Will be picking up the Blu Ray; surprised they went Dolby TrueHD with this one, since every other release seems to be DTS-MA these days.
My wife's review, who read the book: "It was... okay."
Since this one of the few games you can play MP from a rental, I'm giving more time than if I could only play the SP, which I think is awful. The MP is okay, worth the $2 rental price.
Closest theater for me is 30+ miles. Bummer. Going to have to wait for Blu Ray, I guess.
I have some DVDs that aren't on Blu yet, but I doubt they would be on VUDU's list. Would I pay $5 for an HDX version of Race With the Devil? Probably.
Excellent looking, damienbuckley! The framed Alien poster? Sweet touch! Enjoy!
The Ring says: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Thinking back, I remember that it defaults to 2.0 and you have to click 5.1, just like back in the day in the early days of DVD.
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