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Any more news on 3D glasses that are compatible with the new Epson? Do you notice any difference in brightness when using the Samsung glasses as opposed to the Epson supplied ones? Projector review stated that the new Epson glasses allowed for much brighter picture than last year's IR Epson glasses.
Are there any Universal glasses that will work with the Epson 5010? I'd hate to have to rebuy glasses for all the 3D TVs that I'll be buying throughout the house.
Jason, Thanks for your hard work. Do all these projectors project film contents at multiples of 24Hz in 3D mode? I know that all of them do it in 2D mode, but some of the earlier 3D TVs would revert to 3:2 pulldown and multiples of 60 for 3D.
I got the dreaded pink band along the bottom of the projector at almost 2 years. Called up Epson and they sent out a refurbished unit as a replacement. However this one has problems with bulb failure. The projector would turn on and be very dim, and then go out after couple minutes with flashing red lamp light and high speed fan. Had Epson replace the lamp, and same problem, so they are sending out another replacement projector. Customer service has been terrific with...
Your problem sounds exactly like mine. I'll have to contact Oppo before my warranty expires.
Since the latest official firmware update, I am no longer able to change Blu-ray regions. I have the bluraychip.dk pro hardware mod and US Oppo BDP-93, and with the most recent official firmware, I am no longer able to change Blu-ray regions. Anyone else seeing this problem?
This is great. I just have one question. Using your contrast pattern, my contast setting was several notchs off from my prior calibration using Spears and Munsil Blu-ray. Brightness was perfect. Anyone else notice this anomaly?
But that's the thing. HDMI1 didn't use to be like this. The handshake delay with HDMI1 was virtually indistinguishable with HDMI2 when I first got this player. However within the last 3 months or so, it has gotten longer and longer taking up to 2 or 3 minutes to establish a handshake, and seemingly making more handshakes than before. If it's not due to firmware changes, then, I and several others on this forum may have defective players.
After using HDMI2 for the past week, I have to say that all handshaking issues are non-existent using this output. HDMI1 used to be like this as well until couple firmwares ago. This is using the same cables, inputs, and equipment. Oppo BDP-93 to Yamaha A2000 receiver to Epson 8500 projector. I'm still not quite sure why using a different chipset should matter how the player handshakes over HDMI, since handshaking has to occur regardless of which output is being used.
Switching to HDMI2 solved all handshaking problems. Given that everything else including the cables are all the same, I can only conclude that for my setup conditions, HDMI1 has serious issues.
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