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Yes. They already support MPEG-4 for Internet VOD content.DirecTV uses MPEG-4 for all of its HD and 3D HD channels, and its HR20 and HR21/HR22/HR23 DVRs are based on the same hardware as the TiVo Series3 and TiVo HD.
From what I recall, the ESPN3D channel is delivered in MPEG-4. The current TiVo software does not support MPEG-4 for channel delivery; the current software only supports MPEG-4 for Internet VOD services. Now that cable providers are adding MPEG-4 channels, I expect TiVo to extend its MPEG-4 support to linear cable channels with the next software update.
Sony has given no indication that a DVR add-on is planned for the United States.
Search lists results for TV programs, plus any VOD providers enabled in the Video Provider List. If you uncheck all video providers, then you only see TV results.
TiVo hasn't required a land line in eight years. The newest TiVos don't even have a phone jack; they download program information from Internet servers each night using wired or wireless ethernet.The latest available for download is still F208.A concise comparison of the DTVPal DVR, Moxi, TiVo Premiere, and DirecTV DVR is linked HERE (PDF). This is not a comprehensive feature breakdown; it only lists and compares those features that differ between the four products.On...
Did you have TiVo Desktop or TiVo Desktop Plus? And what version of Windows?The TiVo HD does not natively support the M2TS container. The TiVo HD only supports MPG, MPEG, VOB, and MP4 containers. All other videos must be converted to those formats.The free version of TiVo Desktop will only list MPG (and maybe VOB/TS) files in the PC folder on the recorded list. You'll need pyTiVo or TiVo Desktop Plus to list more file formats for transfer and playback. If you have...
Do you have TiVo Desktop installed? You need TiVo Desktop installed to view .TiVo files, if you did not decrypt into MPG as part of the download process.If TiVo Desktop is installed, then it sounds like you need to install the codecs/filters necessary to decode MPEG-2 video (ex: codec pack). Windows 7 includes all that is required for video playback, but older versions of Windows do not. No matter what version of Windows you have, an AC3 decoder like AC3Filter is...
In many areas, there are separate "basic cable" and "digital cable" lineups; that could make a difference (I'm not certain). Choose the latter with the option to install a CableCard later. Then run Settings -> Channels -> Channel Scan.
Re-run guided setup and select digital cable with the option to install CableCards later. Then re-run the scan.
That's a drive problem. From the Tivo HD FAQ in the first post of this thread:All hard drives fail at some point. You can follow the instructions in the first post to replace the stock TiVo drive with a 1TB model (157 HD hours) for around $70. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-prepared 1TB or 2TB drive from reputable sellers such as dvr_dude or dreys on ebay, or from more expensive resellers such as dvrupgrade.com and weaknees.com.A few weeks ago, TiVo issued the...
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