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Yep...however, even the quality photos made available within this thread hardly do justice to a Night Sky Mural. Viewing Jeff's work in person is truly something special.
Hi Jeff, My old fashioned fluorescent black light is still working fine, but I'll be interested in your assessment of the effectiveness of the LED ultraviolet array.
Hi Damelon,I guess it would be "a significant amount of work" if your intent is to build the black lights into the structure of the room so as to make them unseen and unobtrusive.Another option is simply to have on hand a movable black light array which can be deployed to the center of the room when you choose to charge up the mural. That has been my approach ever since Jeff painted the ceiling. I just keep a two-tube black light receptacle in a nearby storage area. ...
Hi again Jeff, Just sent a PM to NightSkyMurals.
Really cool, Jeff!This is an excellent visual aide that will really help me show (as well as describe) to my friends how you do your "wizardry" on a ceiling.
Tony, Well done! All the best to all of you. "I give thanks upon my every remembrance of you..."
Hi Jeff,No, I didn't get your email. When did you send it? Perhaps you have the wrong email address for me?Anyway, we surely regret not getting to see you when you were so nearby---we would have loved re-connecting with you. In case the issue is a wrong email address, I'll contact you by email to make sure you have the correct one. Let's be sure not to miss the next opportunity!
Hi Spaceman,Indeed, it's a matter of personal preference.I prefer to watch movies in an environment that is as dark as I can make it. So, I don't use black lighting (or any other lights except the projector) when screening a video. For me, watching a film in a room under the glow of a black light draws attention away from what is being projected on the screen, making the black light effect a distraction...especially when a viewer happens to be wearing white or other...
Delicious2,Just wondering---did you discover this a bit earlier in April...say April 1st?I hope this is a joke. If not, I really feel bad about your misfortune.
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