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Those little free black boxes will block all HD channels. You may need their hd dvr. JR
Don't you need cable cards to get the comcast channels now that they went all digital? JR
OTA with an outdoor ant. gives the best picture quality anyway. That's how my tivo gets all the locals. JR
+1 !! I agree. Jr
Yes, it wouldn't hurt. I don't know if he got my email or not. Sorry for not getting back to you. JR
I sent him a request. I hope he's not too busy to reply. JR
The chief engineer at KNME, Jim Gale, tests antennas and stays current on the best ones. I'll drop him an email if you like for a recommendation. JR
It may be location, which is harder to pin down. You may have to walk it around while someone watches 13 for you. JR
No problemo; check your antenna. JR
yes, that would be interesting. Homeless pushing their shopping cart full of belongings past the studio window, a thief snatching purses or hot-wiring cars parked at the parking meter outside the studio window, or for the 10pm news, early plastered college-aged gals or guys staggering past the studio window to wherever for the rest of the night. I think that's a great idea and a guaranteed ratings booster ! JR
New Posts  All Forums: