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I'm going to do black velvet on some sofits in my room. Got a sample and it's vastly better than the flat black paint in the room now. Any recommendations on where to get it cheapest as well as the best way to attach it to a low ceiling?
Thanks for posting this!The only one missing is the Reality Creation. RCP is in there but not RC. If only the learned worked on my itach.
Does anyone have the IR codes for the commands Reality Creation, Gamma Toggle, Motion Enhancer and Reference Picture mode?
I got a sample of black velvet and put it up on the ceiling and the difference in the light coming off my ceiling (painted flat black) in comparison was drastic. Not sure how much this will be seen on screen but the ceiling will nearly disappear. I'll have to now find the best pricing on black velvet fabric and how to attach it to the ceiling.
iRule finally has IP support for Panasonic Blu-Ray players!
I can't comment on how much of a difference the room affects the image. I have a light controlled room with low ceilings with a dark decor (the carpet is light beige though).IMO the Sony is better in every other category with the exception of black levels. Had I know the difference in black level before I purchased the Sony I probably wouldn't have purchased it over a JVC because of how picky I am with black levels. Thankfully though I didn't know this going in as even...
Coming from an RS45:- Black levels are better on the JVC. Contrast is better as well. The black floor is better and scenes such as starfields will have deeper blacks on the JVC.- I use FI and the FI is smoother with less artifacts than the JVC.- With RC in it's minimum settings the picture is sharper and cleaner than on my RS45.- Out of the box color accuracy to my eyes looks better on the Sony. I'm definitely no expect in this area.- The picture is noticeably brighter.-...
When powering on your devices make sure you power on the display first. I would probably order it in the display first, AVR second, then the Blu-Ray player last. I typically had HDMI handshake issues when I powered on a JVC projector, Denon AVR, and a Panasonic Blu-Ray player when I didn't power them on in that order.
Thanks!The assumption would be that the newer players would work with iRule as well. I'll think it over and if I don't lean towards the 5100 I'll probably pick up the S590 at BB and make sure it works.
Are the new players that much quicker at loading than the 590? I am wanting a 3D Blu-Ray player for the theater and I only really have the following concerns: 1. I want to control the Blu-Ray player over IP with my iRule app which I assume both Sony players will work. 2. I want to view movie trailers by streaming them from my PC using the Blu-Ray player. Currently I am using a Panasonic Blu-Ray player which will get moved upstairs but it only supports MKV files which...
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