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I have a PRO-151FD and PDP-6020FD. A very good friend made the mistake of seeing these and now wants to upgrade his display and asked for my recommendation.. I would tell him to buy either of the ones I have but that does not seem to be a possibility. What would be you recommendation for a suitable substitute?? And they would like to do it sooner than later. Thank you, merlinn
Are you speaking about the 2011 model year?? and if so when do those start to show up?? merlinn
I have a 60 pioneer elite and would like to buy something as good or better if possible. What should I look at? Merlinn
Thank you, I will look into the DTV Tivo connected to the Lexicon. We really enjoy the HD from the Sony to a 50" Pioneer plasma. Sometimes you think you can walk into the screen!! Gotta love this new tech!!! Thanks again, Merlinn
I am happy with my HD200, but would like the tivo to record etc.. can it work with my current receiver. Merlinn
We have Direct Tv with a Sony HD200 receiver run through a Lexicon MC1. I am interested in adding Tivo, will it work with my system?? Tivo seems like buying a cell phone, it works with verison but not with sprint. Please help clear this up for me. Thank you, Merlinn
Another great choice.... Nothing to Lose with Tim robbins and Martin Lawrence good humor..
JCS, Well I too had trouble "pulling the trigger" but all I have to say is I am soooo glad I did. My whole family loves it. The best analogy I can thing of is comparing an oil lamp to a halogen bulb... Just do it, you will be gad you did!!!!
Boy they can be pesky things, a real mind of their own... kind of like my two boys hmmm. I have hardwood floors, the spikes are a scary proposition. Is this a normal problem with a conventional solution??? The neoprene pad makes sense, I bet there is a material that is designed to control or isolate vibrations..... any ideas on the material??
I have a new Sunfire Signature sub, it can move several feet during a movie. It is run through a Lexicon MC-1. Is this normal behavior??? My system is all new to me, so I am on the learning curve. The system was set up by a very reputable firm which did set the output levels so I do not believe it is set to high.
New Posts  All Forums: