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I know what you meant but I got a chuckle out of this part.
I have always been bothered by rainbows in color wheel sets and this is way better. I can induce them in strong contrast scenes by quickly moving my eyes from one edge of the screen to the other or turning my head quickly but normal viewing doesn't have that effect.
Where did you get the stand? Is the center channel shelf 22" wide? I'm having a heck of a time finding one that will fit my CC.
That is strange, doesn't sound right. Getting a Denon 2802 actually fixed the 480P issue over HDMI->DVI for me before the FW fix came out. I was waffling between it and the 2307 and never thought about an A2 compatibility problem. I assumed they were almost identical except for a few extra features on the 2802.
I can recommend Eagles: Melbourne as a good addition to HFO. Visually it's not bad but nothing stunning. Sound quality is good with a few weird mixes. I believe there are 29 tracks. The JT concert was outstanding visually and sounded great with covers by the Dixie Chicks, Sting, Sheryl Crow and a very angry (but excellent) Springsteen.
I am so freaking mad at them right now. All of my paperwork was returned for "missing UPC" including the original rebate form where they RIPPED OFF THE UPC THAT I HAD TAPED TO THE FORM. There was still some tape left. Luckily I made a copy before I sent it in. When I called customer service they couldn't tell me why it happened or if they were the ones who ripped it off. I will resubmit to the alternate address but they dropped more than a few notches in my book.
One solution would be an option in Audyssey setup that keeps it from managing the bass region (maybe below the cross-over). That would enable anyone with a BFD or sub with a built in eq to run Audyssey and keep it from mucking with the low bass curve. I was able to adjust mine with my BFD but I also had to implement some pretty severe cuts and boosts just to get it back to the "pre-Audyssey" flat state.
If you look at my chart in the "Official" Audyssey thread something is going on below 30 Hz. My sub was flat before Audyssey with a roll-off after. I was able to bring it back up with my BFD but it still is a puzzling issue. All of the posts I read from the Audyssey rep said it does not affect bass negatively but it seems from my measurement (and many anecdotal posts) that the roll-off is real.
That was the recommended process after running the update.
I've never seen an answer to this question but I believe if you get the message you will not get an update without using the disk. I have personally tried many times over the course of the past two weeks without success and haven't found anyone with a fix to the problem.
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