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LG Display puts hefty bets on Chinese OLED TV market http://itersnews.com/?p=74988
LG Display plans to produce 90 inch or larger OLED-Tv panels LG DIsplay start ramping up M2 production line to expand the OLED-Television production Source: http://news.oled-display.net/lg-display-plans-to-produce-90-inch-oled-tv-panels/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+OLED-Display-News+(OLED-Tv+AMOLED+Display+NEWS) At the Korea Display Conference 2014 LG-Display informed the people in their presentation about the status of large sized...
^^^ I wish I knew how much of that to believe.
I think you are referring to the USA Today Interview Samsung Display VP president Kim gave just before CES. My interpretation of his comments are that he predicted it would take 3-4 years before Samsung would be selling affordable OLEDs.My guess is they are pursuing cheaper manufacturing techniques now, perhaps using Kateeva or Merck's printing technology, and we will hear about new products over the coming months.
I noticed the gallery OLED is now being sold by Amazon along with a couple other Amazon marketplace sellers.
Maybe it would make sense to re-name this thread something like "LG OLED owner's thread"?
Press Release: LG-HARMAN/KARDON COLLABORATION INTRODUCES EXTRAORDINARY SOUND TO OLED AND ULTRA HD TVS LG & Harman/Kardon Join Forces to Deliver a More Immersive Auditory Experience CITY, APR. 9, 2014 — LG Electronics (LG) announced a partnership with Harman/Kardon® to develop an advanced audio technology which will be employed in two of its OLED TV models and five of its ULTRA HD TVs. A perfect complement to the LG’s acclaimed picture quality, the ULTRA Surround system...
After Years of Flattening, Curved TV Screens Leap into the Global Market, According to NPD DisplaySearchSource:displaysearch.comThey show a graph that indicates of the 6 million predicted curved screens sold in 2017, about 2 million of those will be OLED.
Coming Soon: Affordable Inkjet-Printed OLED UHDTVsSource: hdguru.com
^^^ The article quotes TV calibration guru Joel Silver on stage at Panasonic's huge pan-European dealer convention in Amsterdam to support the company's new 4K TV launches.Must have been kinda shocking for the Panasonic folks who were trying to push 4K.
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