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Isn't this a remake of a show that aired just before the end of the Roman Empire?
There are some 2 digit channels working. Working: ESPN, CNBC, FNC, FBN, locals at 1501+ Not: CNN, MSNBC, CC, FOXSSW, and most others. edit Got all but one channel I normally watch by using the 2 digits. The zap2it listings above ch 99 are all incorrect, except the locals. But you can tune the others by using the lineup they mailed us. If that channel number is there. The name and guide info will be wrong. edit2 The zap2it web site (...
Why did they blur out Candace's shirt? Looked like it just had "PEACE" on it.
You are getting all the channels that you can get w/o a much better antenna.The only additional one possible to get would be CW KNVA. It is actually on ch49, but your TV tunes it as ch54. But it has a very weak signal, so save your money.If you must watch CW, you will need to get TWC cable or U-verse, or maybe aereo. Otherwise, just stick to your rabbit ears.
Curious why you want a flat antenna, unless you are forced to use an indoor unit.. You won't get the Fox station (it is VHF), and I think the chances of getting the others with good quality is slim unless you have a window facing the farm. Be sure you can return any you buy.
Slick Willy?
Showrunners always start with trying to get initial viewers to want to continue watching a new show. I think they totally failed in this case, because I don't think many people who are not into the nerd/SFBA theme will like this show. I quit early. If I'm wrong, and it becomes a good show, I can always get it then.
I think that Samsung software is nothing but a marketing gimmick. The only possibly worthwhile feature is the partitioning off 10% for replacing bad cells. Otherwise, win7 and later handle everything automatically.
The best performance/value now is probably a GA-Z87mx + i3-4330 + a MCE IR remote + win7.
Getting back on topic, I wasn't enjoying the finale of HIMYM a lot, but the final few minutes left me satisfied.
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