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Why did they blur out Candace's shirt? Looked like it just had "PEACE" on it.
You are getting all the channels that you can get w/o a much better antenna.The only additional one possible to get would be CW KNVA. It is actually on ch49, but your TV tunes it as ch54. But it has a very weak signal, so save your money.If you must watch CW, you will need to get TWC cable or U-verse, or maybe aereo. Otherwise, just stick to your rabbit ears.
Curious why you want a flat antenna, unless you are forced to use an indoor unit.. You won't get the Fox station (it is VHF), and I think the chances of getting the others with good quality is slim unless you have a window facing the farm. Be sure you can return any you buy.
Slick Willy?
Showrunners always start with trying to get initial viewers to want to continue watching a new show. I think they totally failed in this case, because I don't think many people who are not into the nerd/SFBA theme will like this show. I quit early. If I'm wrong, and it becomes a good show, I can always get it then.
I think that Samsung software is nothing but a marketing gimmick. The only possibly worthwhile feature is the partitioning off 10% for replacing bad cells. Otherwise, win7 and later handle everything automatically.
The best performance/value now is probably a GA-Z87mx + i3-4330 + a MCE IR remote + win7.
Getting back on topic, I wasn't enjoying the finale of HIMYM a lot, but the final few minutes left me satisfied.
Dave, I think we basically agree.
Dave, I have a lot of experience with people on the other side. Actually, I can't think of anyone I personally know who even cares about quality. They might notice TV at 4:3, but they don't have any complaints when watching stretched SD at 16:9 on their new LCD TV set. IOW, I don't know any HDTV fanatics.I don't like the reduced bit rates, but no provider cares what I think. They have access to all kinds of surveys, and they act in their own economic interest. And...
New Posts  All Forums: