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What is the make and model of the speakers you are going to use? If you could move the mantel up level to the bottom of the TV cut out, you could place a center on the mantel, and it would sit back into the TV cut out, pushed to the back wall. You would be using the bottom of the TV cut out and the mantel to rest the center channel speaker on. You would need the center to have a front port, If it has a port, pushing the center back against the rear wall. If you use a...
You can purchase a multi channel receiver/ processor, and start out with 5.1 and go from there by adding more spkrs. You might find that with that subwoofer 5.1 will be all you need, but you'll have room for adding. I wouldn't get too concerned, as your system can grow. I have a receiver capable of eleven channels. I started out recently with 5.1, now I'm 7.1.
just keep the same brand of spkrs and purchase the largest that you can afford. That is a prettty big space. Are you finishing the interior with insulation and srywall and carpet? Is the space going to be all hard surfaces. Is it going to be heated and air conditioned?
I don't think placing a subwoofer near an opening is a good idea.
I know how these sound. I want them in a bad way, but just settled for less due to $$$. Again corner placement of the screen and three front speakers will almost always do you well. Just kind of pretend that the room isn't there, and set up the system towards the corner area.
No harm done. Just tell everyone you went fishing for the day.
...Crutchfield has DELIVERED the M25 in less than 24 hours to my work....I'm looking at the pretty box now! "ain't the internet great". Thanks Al Gore! Oh, and thanks to Zoe and her manager at Crutchfield too. Two very pleasent people.
I wasn't going to start a thread about this company, but since this one is here I'll share my experience on the phone today. I looked on the web site and found a single Boston Acoustics M 25 speaker, refurbished @ $229.00 each (this is what was posted next to the listing). No mention of pricing per pair. Only single pricing. The female I spoke to did not sound very happy to be there. She said I would have to buy two. I said the speakers are not packaged two to one box, and...
Yeah, and thanks to you Zieg, I have been following many of your suggestions to forum members over time. When I posted about the M Center and M surrounds to match my tower M350's, you showed some review graphs on them, and pointed out the pros about going with the matching M25's. I replaced Bi-Polar Def Tech towers with the BA M350's for left and right, and the M25's for center and surrounds. I can be knuckleheaded when trying to be logical. For example, I assumed that the...
Just put one in my cart at Amazon (Boston M25) @ $399.00 just to see ??? Not $149.00.Are you sure about $149.00? I've already went with Crutchfield and confirmed a tomorrow delivery as I am only a couple of States away...they roll the stuff out the door while they are boxing it up LOL.
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