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She was aware SHIELD was under attack. She may have put the pieces together and been certain that Garrett was Hydra. She may well have decided to make a preemptive strike to take him out.
I agree with that. There's always another layer to the malevolent super-villain hierarchy. Also agree with Closet Geek that he's a little too "rough around the edges" to be that guy.As to his escape from the drones, either they were sent by Hand and he legitimately evaded them with Coulson's help just like we saw, or he sent them himself and programmed them to miss but "make it look good".
Pretty good depth perception for a one-eyed guy, too. Notice how he whacked Ollie's arrows right out of the air? That's a pretty neat trick without binocular vision. So he really doesn't even have that as an excuse for being such a bad shot.
I like your crazy theory. The problem is that Garrett and Ward have way too much SHIELD blood on their hands to ever be forgiven. Of course, that wouldn't preclude them from heroic self-sacrifice in a noble, suicidal final attack on Hydra that takes it down once and for all!
Well, the chicken parm I had last night did taste better with a sprinkling of fresh basil and Italian parsley. Who's to say the show wouldn't be improved as well?
Yes, anxiously awaiting the verdict. I'm finally getting ready to start finish work (insulation, flooring, drywall) on my HT room, which has been rough-framed and wired up for 7 or 8 months now. That means I'll be ordering my 110" screen w/ 16x9 masking panels in the next few weeks, along with the rest of my gear - disk players, DVR, subs, receiver, etc. Excited!
Well, I'm enjoying this season as much as last, and it's one of those shows I try to watch within 24 hours of airing. Compare that to 'The Following' in which I'm 2 weeks behind and in no hurry to catch up. There's good TV, bad TV, and indifferent TV. I still have this one in the "good" category.
It is I who shall have the last laugh when it's revealed that Garrett is really clairvoyant after all and is just denying it to throw everybody off the scent! Bwaaaahahahaha!
I wouldn't expect him back next season (which is supposed to involve a different narrative using the anthology approach). He'll be occupied filming 'Better Call Saul', the BB spinoff -- that's in "first position" for him.
Did I enjoy the premiere? You betcha'! I wasn't expecting a clone of the movie, so maybe that's why I wasn't as disappointed as some here. I thought the pilot episode was a unique mix of humor and sudden, unexpected violence. That's a Coen Brothers trademark, so it's not surprising they'd use that formula. Contrary to portraying the locals as fools, I thought it mostly portrayed them as decent, salt o' the earth folks (except the ones we're supposed to hate). Especially...
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