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I wouldn't expect him back next season (which is supposed to involve a different narrative using the anthology approach). He'll be occupied filming 'Better Call Saul', the BB spinoff -- that's in "first position" for him.
Did I enjoy the premiere? You betcha'! I wasn't expecting a clone of the movie, so maybe that's why I wasn't as disappointed as some here. I thought the pilot episode was a unique mix of humor and sudden, unexpected violence. That's a Coen Brothers trademark, so it's not surprising they'd use that formula. Contrary to portraying the locals as fools, I thought it mostly portrayed them as decent, salt o' the earth folks (except the ones we're supposed to hate). Especially...
If I were I'd be able to find my frigging car keys. And Ward too, explaining all his dastardly deeds to Reyna. It was exposition central last night.
Ward has killed Shield agents in cold blood, including Hand. He is therefore irredeemable. That means he won't survive the season. Neither will Garrett. Neither will the Flower Girl. The end of this season will be pretty bloody, I'm guessing. Of course, I was the one who insisted on believing Garrett was really a clairvoyant. So whadda' I know?
It's somebody else with "Directorate S". We haven't met everybody involved in the network. This guy is new to us, and apparently something of a loose cannon. He's going to be trouble.
And also to pay them off, perhaps. Very often an "executive producer" credit is given to somebody that has no other involvement in the show except to skim some cheddar off the top. You sometimes see lead actors getting them which is often just a way to boost their compensation without raising their official salaries. These "honorary" credits tend to accumulate over time, and can eventually result in the show being too expensive to produce any longer.
Yeah, I had to lol when I saw "The Fridge" was actually a hundred story skyscraper on the shore of some pristine beach. There would have to be hundreds if not thousands of workers to justify a building like that. Do they bus 'em in? Fly 'em in? Do they all live in it? And one gas grenade takes 'em all out? Right, that building at that location is sure to stay "classified". I'm sure it didn't attract any attention during construction, either.
Not all. Some involve weed. Problem with those stories is they're generally forgotten.
Also the theatrical version of 'Blade Runner' featuring a voiceover by Harrison Ford whose disdain for that artistic choice translated into the perfect mix of weariness and antipathy for his character. Whatever. It worked! Still my favorite version of that movie.
New Posts  All Forums: