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Hi everyone. I have a few custom Mid Atlantic faceplates, shelving and blank plates forsale. All are the black anodized unless otherwise noted. Here they are: 1. Custom faceplate for Yamaha RX-V663 AND HTR-6160 - $25 2. 15.5 inch shelf - $20 3. 4U sides - $15 4. Custom faceplate for early model PS3 - $2 5. 11.5 inch shelf - $20 6. 3U sides - $15 7. Custom faceplate for Sony CD SCDC-222es SACD Player - $10 8. 15.5 inch shelf - $20 9. 4U sides - $15 10. 1U...
Hello everyone! I am in the process of planning my AV setup for my new house (under construction). I need recommendations on an AMP. Currently I am running a Yamaha HTR-6160 as a Preamp with a HK PA-5800 amp. I want to upgrade the amp. Front speakers will be Rocket 850's with the Bigfoot as the Center Channel. Surrounds are TPC inwall NTIW25's. My question is should I go with a 7 Channel Amp, a 5 Channel Amp (having the Yamaha run 2 of the rears) or a 3 Channel...
Thanks guys...I will leave enough slack in the wall so that if I have any problems I can just switch to one of these: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2
Hi everyone. I am in the process of building a new house and we are at the point to start running wire in the walls before the dry-wall goes up. I am locating all my AV equipment in a closet about 30 feet away from the location where my plasma will go (new Panny V10 58"). I purchased these Monoprice cables: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 I am also bought these wall plates to make things...
Ok... - TV on right wall facing to the left - Couch Facing TV - Should I put in mounted speakers at point A which are significantly behind the couch or In-Ceiling speakers at point B closer to the couch.
48 people look at this and not a single person has a recommendation??? WOW!!!!
Hi everyone. Need some assistance in picking our my surround sound channel. Fronts are Magnepan for sides and center. As you can see from the photo below I have two options. Either put speakers in the ceiling or mount them on a small wall area facing the TV (albeit farther back). The speakers, if mounted on the wall area would have clear space between them and the couch (the drawing isn't clear about that). The scale is on the bottom right. What do you guys...
Love Monoprice and I am buying most of my stuff there. The problem is that this wire is going in the wall so I want to buy 1.3 compliant wire so I never have to swap it out. Any other recommendations?
We are in the process of building a new house. In the living room we will have our TV (Panny 58V10) mounted on the wall with the electronics all tucked away in a closest to the side. My concern is the length of the HDMI cable. It will be approximately 30 feet running from the receiver to the TV (one cable...all the equipment is in the closet). What do you guys suggestion for a reasonably priced cable that will still support 1080P (BlueRay)? Thanks!
They told me that the earliest delivery date was the 14th but I asked them to set it to the 25th. We just bought a house and it won't be ready to move in until sometime around that date.
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