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Deepdiscount.com (formerly Deepdiscountdvd.com). Your item is going for $57.49 and you get free shipping. A lot of people use them and I've never had a problem...
Where I come from, 31 does not equal 50. So much for year end...
I think what was announced is that Cox would have the CAPACITY for 50 HD Channels by the end of 2007. I can't imagine we'll have that many channels in 6 weeks.
100 HD channels in.....2010?!?!?!?!?
I've had some luck with Wiitracker.com.
Where's CW HD? Cox and Sinclair announced the retransmission agreement for Vegas on June 5!
I'm aware that HD-DVD will have a much clearer PQ than SD DVD. The question is, since my 2910 upscales SD to 1080i, how much of a difference will I see visually between upscaled 1080i and native 1080i?
Newbie question - I have a Denon 2910 which does a very good job of upscaling SD DVD and am debating getting an HD-DVD player. How much difference will I see in PQ? Is HD-DVD similar to what I see OTA?
What happens in Vegas, stays in....nevermind. Too easy.
Just to clarify, their GOAL is to have CAPACITY for 50 HD channels. The idea that Cox will have 50 HD channels in place is unlikely. Heck, they settled with Sinclair on getting us CW in HD back in July and we're still waiting for that...
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