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What is it good for?
About a month ago, Sinclair and Cox signed an agreement to bring the CW HD channel to the Las Vegas market. When is that supposed to happen?
...and in case any of you HAVEN'T requested those channels...http://www.cox.com/LasVegas/ChannelRequest.asp
Here's the thing that gets me about that whole 50 HD channel capacity plan: “I've asked Chris [Bowick, chief technology officer of Cox] and his team to find the capacity to offer 50 HD channels by the end of this year, going into 2008,” Esser said. “Whether we do or don't offer that many channels , I want to have the capacity to do that.” They could have capacity for 1000 channels, but it doesn't mean they are going to use it...
Great! When??
No real difference that I can see, but one small HDMI wire sure is cleaner looking to me...
Patiently waiting for another HD channel or two from Cox {sigh}
Aside from the jazz listed above (Miles Davis, etc.) - if you follow the Bossa Nova chain of events, you will find Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto, going up through Herb Alpert and Sergio Mendes, all of which influence groups like Swing Out Sister of today...Great, mellow, almost lounge-type music. ...and of course lounge music itself (Dean Martin through Michael Buble, etc.) ...and if you want REALY mellow, you can dip into easy listening, Ray...
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