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Hi Jim, I solved my DirecTV HR-23 3D problem by going into Output Setup and setting the 3D Video Output Mode to 1080p60 instead of Auto 2,1. I now have 3D picture and sound with no drops. Auto 2,1 works with all of my other sources except this one. Now everything is working properly.
I've had my 2021 since last Thursday and am very pleased with the improvement it has made in my main AV system; so much so that I ordered a second one for my bedroom system. The only problem that I'm having is with DirecTV 3D. I've tried every I/O configuration that I can think of, but I get no picture or sound. 2D works fine, but 3D is a no-go. I don't have this problem with 3D from my OPPO BDP-95, just the DirecTV DVR. Other than that, the 2021 is a wonderful...
Jack, Is there any chance of support for HD-DVD? I have quite a few and would like to convert them to ISO files and play them back over the EP950.
Yes it does.
The Humbuster is still available from PS Audio and removes the DC from the AC line which can causes toroidal transformers to hum or buzz.Here's the link: http://www.psaudio.com/products/humbustermoreinfo.asp
Here are the test results Crown just posted for the XTI-1000. http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/ind...indpost&p=9007 These result seem to confirm that the XTI series amps are more than adequate for driving high power subs at low frequencies. I'm personally driving two 18" LMS5400's, each in 4.6 cu. ft. sealed boxes with two XTI-4000's bridged and have never felt power deprived.
Perhaps this is why a couple of people have reported seeing them with the new Sim2 HT380 and HT3000e, both high brightness, high contrast single chip DLPs.
ElmO, When are you getting your screen? Are we going to see screenshots or wallshots?
I'm feeding mine with a Toshiba HD-XA2. Other sources include a HTPC, and the new DTV H21-200 hi-def STB, all with excellent results.
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New Posts  All Forums: