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Yes they are for sale, sent you a PM. Thanks
Alphacowboy has correctly diagnosed the cause of the vertical lines on the Infocus 7205. The aluminum clap that holds the circuit board against the DLP chip connectors is warping from heat. I measured mine to have warped about 0.015". This is enough for connections to be lost and vertical lines to appear. I had 2 projectors with the same problem. I did not have any material similar to what Alphacowboy used and was concerned that the method may take pressure off the...
I also have Theos and Stage X and absolutely love them. I have an old Atlantic Tech 450 (7.2) system and use the old fronts as my side surrounds. I find the direct sides are a big improvement over the dipoles. Plan to replace the subs with 1500X's later this year.
We are a family of 2 and use Time Warner. There are 8 TV's in the house. We have a 20MB Internet Connection with TWC. There is 1 TWC HD DVR and 2 TWC HD Non-DVR boxes. Phones are VOIP with Vonage & MagicJack. TV's without a box are directly connected to the cable and get about 96 channels. Both Standard Definition and High Definition (Clear QAM- Locals same as OTA - about 24). Major networks ABC,CBS, NBC, CW and Fox are all available in HD without a box. My DVR is...
Email I received regarding Mits extended warranty. MITSUBISHI PROJECTOR EXTENDED WARRANTY We do offer an After Market Extended Warranty program for our projectors. Below are some details related to this program. * Proof of purchase is required from a Mitsubishi Dealer/Distributor * Unit must be in warranty with no less than 90 days from expiration date * Form of payment is Credit Card * The 3 year contract is only offered the first 60 days of the original...
It still works I just decided to replace it at about 1800 hours.I just replaced the second bulb (still works) with a new HC4000. Price at Newegg with rebate, was six,seven,oh not much more than 2 bulbs.REASONS I BOUGHT ANOTHER HC4000:1. It is an outstanding projector especially when used with a Darbee Darblet2. I use a projector 1350+ hours per year. Projector + bulb cost per hour is low.3. I prefer DLP and have an expensive Stewart Firehawk screen that is excellent with...
I am on my second bulb.
Factory warranty is 2 years, I would contact Mitsubishi support and get it fixed. I have had mine almost 3 years, I have no dead pixels and never had any unusual noises. I have about 3800 hours on the projector.
Using Bitstream the audio data is sent to your receiver or pre/pro for processing. With LCPM the audio processing is done in the computer. I prefer Bitstream.
We did a IOIOIIOIOI configuration with Escapes. The armrests are not wide enough for two adults to sit next to each other on a regular basis. Our room was not wide enough for four chairs with both arms.
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