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I bought a 32LN5310 nd just received it. I hooked it up via DVI-HDMI to my PC. This is working pretty good as a monitor. I labled the input as PC and Expert 1 and ran the picture wizard app. It went from pretty bad to acceptable as a monitor. I am using this in may Garage for a TV and PC monitor for Alldata which is repair manual software. It is better than I thought a TV could be for a monitor. But I wouldn't use it for a PC monitor I wanted to stare at for any...
If driving from a PC, which would be better? HDMI HDMI or DVI HDMI?
Can anybody who has a good experience using this with Windows snap a shot of how the text looks?
Well the quality does matter when you are trying to look at technical drawings or use it as a computer monitor trying to read text.The point is that people who used this as a monitor had a good experience and it is only $25 more than the monitors I was looking at. Most TV's make bad monitors, apparently this one does pretty well, that's why it is being called the new Westy.
It's the deal on the TV and the PQ that is driving this. This is being called the new Westy if that means anything to you. It's LED. It's $224 at best buy. I was going to have to spend around $199 for a 27". I was watching for the best deal over the Holiday buying system for a 27" and this came to me. People are buying 3 or 4 of theses and setitng them up in an eyefinity setup.
I'm beginning to think they are doing this to deny warranty service to a "certain" extent. If you look at the 5450 though, the TDP almost seems like a Typo it's so low. But after reading some tests on systems, it does seem it is really low, so I'm going with that one I think. Thanks to all you cats who piped in here and showed me that card! Especially Andy who lives in my old stomping grounds. I miss my friends in Covington and Abita.
So I am looking at these 4 cards Radeon 9200 Radeon 5450 Geforce 6200 Geforce 610 It seems it's Vogue to require high output PS requirements for some time now. The PC is an IBM thinkcentre 8183 with 200w PS, P4, 512mb RAM, Single HD, and DVD drive I won't be doing any 3D. The hardest work that might be done would be Youtube. Rest of the time it would be low impact 2D. Which would you go for? Maybe I can get back some wattage if I can disable onboard graphics.
Sound goes from the Onboard sound card to a receiver with SpeakersWhere are you getting those power specs?The 9200 may be less efficient at idle but use less while in use because of the greatly decreased capabilities compared to the other card.ATI certainly made great strides with each Catalyst release in power efficiency. I like the specs on the HD 5450 except I can't risk it because the min PS recommendation is almost twice what I have. The power supply is proprietary...
It has DVI that can easily Go HDMI via cable.
That looks like a nice card but I don't have the juice for it.
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