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I have not seen logo or graphic type problems on other broadcasts. But I don't watch a lot of ABC.
Didn't the hardware guy answer saying that they were having a problem with their encoder? It makes computer sense that the high contrast green/white at certain angles would produce the strobe. It was very clear on the artificial turf game this past weekend. On my Motorola 6208. But on the grass game was barely noticeable. There was also one instance in the WKRC coverage, which was generally excellent, when there was a strobe on that high end zone camea. About...
Today's CBS game really showed the difference of HD coverage. A far superior picture to ABC in Cincinnati. However, there was one point (and only one) that showed a very very brief strobe from the rear end zone camera. So there must be something that that particular angle does to the encoder. But 99.9% of the image was great.
Yesterday's games: The Ram's game was atrocious. The worst images I've seen on my set to date. Both had continual stuttering of sound. But the Jet's game was somewhat better. Didn't see the strobbing much on that natural grass field. So this seems to be multi-faceted. High contrast between green and white at the upper angle really produces a strobbing effect. Take that high contrast away and you still have some problems, but not has many. Not a weather...
HD cameras have become more prevelant in the industry. For example, Robert Altman's last feature film, Company, was shot on HD. (Info via HDNet interview.) As to ESPN, Even though some of the content, like PTI, is originally SD, it is still broadcast in 1080i with side bars. Flip back and forth between the two channels and you should see the difference. Sports Center is now broadcast fully in HD. Yes some of the highlights are upconverted, because very few local...
After everything here and some of my own research I've determined that what I'm seeing is a letterboxed image that was originally made for 4x3 TVs. An older DVD. When shown on the 16X9 that letterbox is indeed "stretched" by adding more black bar top and bottom. This is a great link to explain both anamophic and how DVDs are prepared for use on TVs: http://gregl.net/videophile/anamorphic.htm
Calibrating one input on the Hitachi doesn't calibrate all of them. The Hitachi has separate memory for each input. My son has a 57S and I have a 50V. (The LCD is much easier to calibrate.) But you have to calibrate each input. Or at least try the same settings. Alias wasn't dark or grainy on my set. Nor was Lost. There was some break up that was weather related. I believe the actual definition of HD is recorded in HD or converted from a 32mm film. Watch...
Sorry, I don't see the problem with last night's Alias, other than some weather related interference. Personally, I don't want to watch no HD programing any more. I don't get Fox in HD yet, so I've pretty well stopped watching Fox shows. (Not that there was much to watch to start with.)
Alias actually started at 9:01PM. So the info was correct.
Lost had three or four breakups early on on Insight Cable. But none after midpoint. (Best show on TV right now.)
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