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Insight requires the Digital package to get the HD package. As far as Basic or Classic that is one fee. The $12.95 is the upgrade to the HD channels and the DVR. I can't tell you the exact cost of all tiers because I've got all the movie channels at some discount I locked in years ago. (It would actually cost me more to drop a particular movie channel right now.) My "everything" bill, including the HDNet option, which also gets ESPN HD, is something like $110.
OK, Jim. What the Senate is talking about is something totally cobbled together. And you're right. This is serious crap. If it gets out of committee and then goes back through the House. The Honorable Mr. Hatch doing his thing, again? Another attempt to redefine Intellectual Property in Corporate Terms. Or, How Michael Jackson is really The Beatles.
Don't know how good slashdot is, but did a quick lookup of the purported bill and found: This Act may be cited as the `Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement (CREATE) Act of 2004'. Basically something proposed by Dell and some other techology firms dealing with patent ownership. Nothing at all to do with the MPAA, unless the Senate is adding ammendments, where it is in committee. Then it would have to go back to the house.
I wish Insight would expand what it broadcast HD. . .but the Motorola 6208 is a nice PVR. . .and it costs me $5 a month. That's a lot of months before I'd pay off an HD Tivo. I used to have a Replay. . .better schedule; but I can live with the price of the 6208.
Sorry. I don't think of Fox, because I can't get Fox in HD. The question, bluntly, is: does the local affiliates ability to bring equipment to the game have an impact on whether it's considered for HD broadcast? I understand they will choose the national game for the week, plus the other best matchups. The two night games, ESPN and ABC, respectively, (same equipment?) I know were setup for those events. Talked to some electricians who worked on setting up the...
Must remember, that even in the worst seasons playing the Browns or Steelers is something the Bengals do. Of course we have to wait and see how many plays Childish Chad gets called for himself. . . On topic question: Does the network's choice of HD game also factor in what the local affiliate is capable of? If I remember right, the only Bengal games in HD were carried by ABC/ESPN. . .Notre Dame was in HD at Tennessee, but hasn't been at home, if I recall correctly.
If the Bengals could play 2 halves of football in one game, Pittsburgh will get its second loss next Sunday. I give the Steelers all the credit in the world. But they remain a one dimensional team; and one dimensional teams don't win Championships. And One Dimension is not what HD is all about!
Got this from Insight just now: Thanks for your email and comments. We are negotiating with Fox 19 to obtain their HD signal. Other HD content is being evaluated also. I will forward your comments to our Marketing Department.
If you're one of the dozen or so stations suing the FCC over the Super Bowl fine, would you show the film? It's simple leverage. "Look what you made me do. I'm patriotic. I love America. But you fined me once over something I had no control over, and now I know this film contains graphic language and violence." Great argument in court. The FCC is not meant to be a Moral Arbitrator.
When the FCC fined local stations over the Super Bowl "incident", in addition to fining the networks, then they made this happen. There are at least ten stations who have filed suit against the FCC over the $12,500 fines these local affiliates received because of the Super Bowl flash. And who didn't predict this type of thing when Michael Powell was appointed?
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