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I think my set has a little bit of red and green push. what is the best appoarch (other than paying ~$400 for a prof calibration) to correct this in the service menu? don't think I can correct this in the regular pro settings. I went into the service menu last night, looks like my R-DRV is at FF (max) already, a few click down?
my local best buy that denied my paul's tv pricematch now has 2 open box 50GT50 available. Wondering what happened, maybe both are buzzers. Maybe I can get one of them cheap around $500 next month or so for my 2yr old daughter's bedroom.
did anyone watch the State of the Union speech last night? I thought Barack Obama's face looked a little bit greenish on my new 50GT50, I tried to adjust the white balance, once I was able to get rid of the greenish tint, the pic looks a bit reddish. and Then I saw this news article online at the URL below with a picture of Barack Obama, he too looks a bit greenish on my monitor. So maybe my WB was right on? So did he look greenish on your...
just moved my S790 temporarily from my home theater from to my living room due a new TV there, and now I notice a high pitched noise emitting from the drive if I have a disc in the drive not in play.The drive would just spin the disc at a constant high RPM and waiting for my command. I guess I don't notice this noise because I rarely just leave the disc in the drive. I just press play as soon as I turn on my projector, and get on with the movie. I did a google search, I...
The game mode right out of the box looks pretty good on my set, very vivid and tons of pop. Is there a way to find out what the W/B settings are at?
why is calibration still so pricey? with flat screen/digital tv now, they don't have to adjust the convergence anymore, those can be PITA, and you can spend days trying to get it right with the old tube or rear projection TV. nowaday, they just use a meter, and a few clicks here and there, it's done.
Yes, but with D-nice settings, there isn't much different between Standard, Warm1 and Warm2, so I use Warm1, at least that's what I see with my TV in my room. YMMV.
Got my 50GT50 deliveredfrom Bestbuy last Sat. I think I got a good unit, no noticeable buzzing when displaying normal images, I’d have to put my ear 1-2 inches from the upper left side of the screen to hear a faint buzz. I can’t hear it at normal viewing distance. When displaying a bright white image, with TV volume at 0, from my viewing distance, which is about 10feet ,I can hear a slight buzz along with the normal(?) high frequency whine like the flyback transformer...
looks like BB extended the price match to 3/2/2013.
how long is the BB's price adjusstment period, is it a set date or X days after delivery?
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