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I thought there will be a 50VT60, they don't even have that listed.
with all the IR and Burn-in talk, I am thinking about getting the bestbuy/geek squad protection plan for my 50GT50 that is coming this weekend. Anyone has any experience with their plan? I am wondering if the people that have IR or burn in put their TV in torch mode and this problem really isn't as widespread as it seem? I am currently stiill using a Panasonic plasma 50" in my bedroom that I paid $3k for it back in 2006, and I did get a protection plan with it, but this TV...
get the 55VT50, its 'only' $300 more, like 3 nice meals that you will soon forgotten and digested, but you will live with this TV everyday for the next 3-5yrs, you should get the best you can.
got bestbuy.com to price match Paul's TV 50GT50 with the save140 code. Tried to get this deal at my local B&M Best buy, wasted over an hour and they OK'd the match, but just as they are ringing it up, the store manager rejected the deal, saying the price is using a coupon code and they don't match price with a code. I asked them to show me the price match policy saying that, of course, no such wording, but whatever, just wasted my time, and once I was home, I called...
hook me up, yo!
it's not, but their AccuFit line have some that are fully enclosed. I am looking for fully enclosed in wall speakers too. there are not many out there, MTX has one, Thiel has 2 in wall/lceiling fully enclosed speakers, and maybe another one or two, but probably out of my price range.
bought an openbox defective hdmi cable from them, it was more like used, the whole cable was cover in drywall dust,it was clearly someone bought it, installed it in wall then returned it because it was defective. Vann's just resold it as openbox. I had to pay for shipping to return the defective cable back to them. glad to see them gone.
Looks like the MSRP of CS2.7 is $9900.
I am hoping they will price the CS2.7 around $7500/pr, $9k is too close to the price range of CS3.7, I'd just save more and get the CS3.7 instead.
wonder how much the CS2.7 will be...this news instantly devalued my CS2.4. oh well. :P
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