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I've just ordered a hs20, and I am #8 on the backorder list at XXX. If my hs20 looks like that, I'd send it back or has it fix. Hope mine won't be as bad. rich
I am in a process of building a htpc to be hooked up to a front projector. While looking thur all the hdtv card currently available, seems like the average going rate for a decent card is around $200 with questionable QAM support. So other than the cool factor and don't want to support the big evil cable company, why don't people just rent a HD box for ~$7.50/month? One has to keep the card for over 26months in order to come out ahead financially. 26months is a long...
if I get this card, would I be able to get the free hd local channels from my comcast cable? My cable company wants $7.50/month for the hd cable box.
I think you need at least 2000 lumens for a classroom setup.
I can't find a local dealer in my area with a sony hs20, but my local tweeter has the yahama LPX500 on display with a stewart white screen. I thought the picture of the yahama looks good enough for a LCD projector, so do you think I'd be happy with a sony HS20 and save myself some money? The sony has better spec and newer. rich
if any? I plan on hanging it on the ceiling.
the spec is worst than an optoma h30, if you paid more than the street price of a h30, you are paying too much. ;)
Are all the sony hs20 that are currently available have the misalignment/focusing problem corrected or at least minimize to only 1 pixel off? my online dealer has one in stock, and his next shipment will be in "in about 2 weeks" should I grab this one or wait for the fresher ones?
dot crawl?
how about dalite model B? I am getting that in high power version with a sony hs20 next week or so. Is there any major difference between the B and C model? Does B come with the border too? thanks, rich
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