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Anyone using the Diamond 10SR? I notice that it's rear ported, how would wall mount them affect the sound?
you might want to pick up a cheapy used turntable from craigslist to see if this is truly something you want to get into. Like you, I have some old records that I wanted to play again, I was all gung-ho about getting a turntable few months ago and ordered the Denon, luckily, it was backordered, so I won't have it for another 3 weeks. Then I saw an ad in craigslist for an used panasonic automatic turntable for $50. I got that, figured it would tide me over until they ship...
I got one from AVS last week too, but the adjust control is by increments of 5. Does that mean I got the old stock or I need to change a setting to make the adjust incrementation by 1?
I also noticed the low lamp mode flicker at ~20hrs and changed it to high lamp mode ever since. My VW95ES has about 50hrs now. I changed it back to low lamp mode last night and it still has that flicker in low lamp mode. When will that flicker eventually go away? I thought I saw a post here that someone mentioned that his flicker was gone at about 50hrs.
it isn't sold at the regular best buy store, it's sold thru the Magnolia store, so you will need to find one with a Magnolia store attached. Bestbuy site is horrible, you can't find it easily, but here is the link:http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+3D+Home+Cinema+Projector/2962678.p?id=1218367180595&skuId=2962678
definitely call AVS, when I bought my now-discontinued Da-Lite HP 2.8 screen years ago, they were actually the cheapest.
I got my 5007 around Dec 2009from Newegg as a refurbish unit, probably just a customer return, since it had the no sound issue before the firmware update. no issue with the HDMI board so far...
the Hc9000 should be a good one, I believe it is in the same class as VW95ES, I own a VW95ES, if I could get the HC9000 for the price of the HW30 when I bought my VW95ES, I'd have gotten that instead.
whats up with resetting the router every so after? I have had 4 wireless routers from different companies, I have yet to needing to reset any one of them every once in a while. Am I just lucky?
I thought I read it somewhere last year that they would come out with some in wall speakers in 2012. I went to their website, no sight of in wall, did they get cancel or postponed? I am looking for true In-wall speakers, not ON-wall like the SuperSat.
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